In the Darkness

Part 5

A dark figure stood alone at a window high above the ground. It looked across the dark lands before it, lost in thought. It didn’t seem to notice as a door opened behind him, on the other side of the room, and another figure entered.

This new creature dared not speak, afraid he may disturb his lord from important business. He stood in the background silently, waiting to be addressed.

“Yes, нернота?” A voice growled from the window at length.

"The boy has escaped." The second hissed back.

"Yes." The first agreed, still staring over the lands.

нернота remained respectfully silent for a while but finally spoke again out of irritation, “What do you plan to do about it, темнота?” The creature demanded. The first being didn’t answer.

нернота frowned—as much as he could—and made his way closer to where his captain stood, “Something is on your mind.” It was barely whispered but темнота could hear it easily.

“Yes.” темнота confirmed, walking to a bookshelf filled with old, weathered books. He pulled one from the shelf, flipping through pages filled with ink pictures and spidery writing. “The boy survived somehow, alive and unchanged. How?” He asked, setting the book down on a small table in the dim room, it’s pages open to a small figure, it’s body blazing white through the darkness. "What is so different about this one?"

нернота glared at the picture, flipping to the next page which depicted the same figure again, smaller beings of light breaking from the body. "Ridiculous." He scoffed, slamming the book closed, "You are reading too deeply into this, master."

"Am I?" The higher being questioned thoughtfully, "He should not have escaped."

нернота said nothing, silently allowing he may have been at fault for the child’s escape, for not ordering guard as it was his responsibility to do. He shivered, hoping his captain had not arrived at the same knowledge.

The two were silent for some time. “It is just a legend.” темнота finally decided.

нернота nodded his approval, “Merely a story the humans tell.”

Together, the two beings of darkness stood before the high window, looking over the black land. Their vision wandered aimlessly as their thoughts began to dwell on unpleasant thoughts.

The powerful beasts wrought death and destruction upon the children of the sky. For many days this torment was ignored, allowed to grow until the children had all but given up hope of the morning. It was at this time the Great ones sent a lumétant, a being of the light.

The being was given the power to resist the beasts, the power to destroy them, to send them back to the abyss from whence they were born. However, the children did not accept him, believing him in league with the beasts. The darkness in their hearts spread and the beasts gained much power from them.

The lumétant, overcome by grief, sought out a way to end the misery of the children for all time. Looking within himself he found the radiance within him and used this, the purest of all light, to birth the étantiére, and from them wrought the destruction of the shadows over the land. The children rejoiced in the light and joined bravely in the fight against the beasts, smiting them down till they rose no more.

But the future, unlike the past, is not set in stone. The future can be altered, legends indeed become mere fairy tales as the threads of time unravel to reveal a darker, more sinister future. Yes, темнота thought, this would be one legend that would never come to pass.

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