In the Darkness

Part 8

The dark being stood outside his manor, looking to the skies anxiously. His body didn’t feel the wind, or the cool chill the growing darkness brought with it, he stood perfectly still. A movement, barely noticeable to human eyes, caught his attention, a dark shape moving across the sky towards him. If he could have, he would have been grinning with anticipation.

The creature bulleted towards him, streaking now towards the ground until at last it hit, it’s limbs looking like they’d lost control as it practically rolled to a stop. Another dark creature, having jumped off of the other even as it landed, approached.

It bowed it’s head ever so slightly, and then: "I bring a message." The words were a low hiss, coming from the creature’s serpent-like mouth.

темнота glanced it over, “What is it?” He asked at length, managing to feel slightly disgusted at the other’s greasy black skin and ugly features.

"He wishes to meet the one." The creature replied, pulling a canister from the belt at it’s waist and handing it to темнота.

темнота hesitated before taking the canister and removing the letter from inside, protected from the slime. He looked over the untidy scrawl, signed at the bottom by Him. “Unfortunately, a meeting cannot be arranged at this time.” He stated hesitantly.

The other did hiss this time, a menacing sound to be sure. There were far more disgusting things than him to be found in the deeper reaches of the Darkness, but so close to the fringe he was regarded as a very intimidating creature. "This, He knows. He will wait, but I would advise you to hurry with the search."

"I will do so." темнота agreed, bowing his head slightly to the creature.

It nodded and walked back towards it’s beast. The poor creature looked miserably awkward on the ground, it’s limbs in a confused tangle, and it’s gait wobbly at best. The serpent-creature climbed onto it’s back and let out a clicking sound that темнота could never hope to annunciate and the beast rose into the air with a clumsy jump. Once in the air, it’s smooth wings took over and it became graceful once more, clearly the air was it’s element.

темнота watched after it for a long moment until it disappeared from his view into the dark sky on the horizon. Without moving a muscle he called out for his second in command, knowing the other would be near enough to hear.

After a long moment of absolute silence нернота’s voice came to him like a whisper on the wind, “What is it, master?”

“He has taken a curiosity in the boy you allowed to escape,” нернота mentally cringed at that but didn’t even try to defend himself. “We are to search the lands for him. I want all our forces sent out. Find him and kill anything that gets in your way."

“Yes, master,” нернота agreed, delighted at the idea of spilt blood.

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