E.M. chapter one: "Boba Fett" or "Cranky Drivers"

Katy and I were walking down the hall on our way to physics (lots of interesting things happen in that class). We had just come from Government, and were talking about how the world should adopt one government and work together.

"Then we wouldn’t have all those wars and junk they talk about on TV." Katy was saying.

"Yep, and the news would be boring, so the government could just make stuff up about aliens and fun things like that!" I said.

"Yeah, right." Katy laughed.

"You know, another problem is there just aren’t enough evil masterminds in this world to pull it off." I said sadly, "Not only that, but it’s hurting our hero economy! If there aren’t evil schemes to foil, there’s no reason for heroes to be born, so when we do need them, there will be a shortage!"

We laughed, going on about how something really needs to be changed. We walked into the physics room and saw a familiar quote on the board. "It’s right, here we want the world to change, but won’t change ourselves!" I exclaimed.

"So what, you wanna take over the world?" Katy asked.

"I could." I said, thinking for a moment, "Right! From now on I will be an Evil Mastermind! Boba Fett!"

"Um… I think that name is already taken." Katy informed me.

"Oh, yeah." I thought, "How about Darth Vader? No already taken. Oh! Saruman the White! No, that’s taken too…" I continued to mumble things of this sort all hour. Katy was starting to worry.

The bell rang. "I’ve got it!" I exclaimed, "I will be the evil Dr. Blades!"

"Dr. Blades?" Katy asked sounding not too impressed, and I’m sure I heard a hint of stifled laughter.

"Yes, Dr. Blades!" Coincidentally, at that precise moment there was a loud clap of thunder and lightning from the gathering clouds outside. "That was weird…" I said.

"Sure was." Katy agreed.

We got our stuff from our lockers, and on a spur of the moment Katy decided to come over to my house, evilly leaving her parents waiting at school, Mwahahahah! (sorry, got too much into it there…)

So in the car we were talking about the future of our careers. "So, I’ll be an evil Mastermind bent on taking over the world but not actually killing anyone…" I said, I was a bit confused by this too…

"And I’ll be your evil sidekick so I get some of the glory too!" Katy said happily.

"You can be the captain of my army… And you’ll get your very own sword! And you won’t even have to go to battle ‘cause leaders get to be lazy that way!" I declared, "Now, what are we missing?…" I trailed off, lost in thought… Which isn’t a good place to be when you’re driving down a four-lane highway.

A loud honking from behind us roused me, "What the?! Watch where you’re going!" I yelled at the guy who seemed to be merging into my lane. "Hmm, I thought I was in the right lane. Oh, well, guess I’ll have to change lanes again…" I murmured. Katy looked kind of pale. "Katy, what’s wrong?" I asked, couldn’t have my evil sidekick getting sick already.

"Uh, nothing." Katy managed, "Just keep your eyes on the road, will you?"

"Of course I will!" I said looking at her in shock, "Why wouldn’t I?"

Katy squealed and pointed at something in front of us, I turned my attention back to the truck dangerously close to our forward bumper.

"Jeesh, don’t these people know how to drive? They’re gonna get us in an accident or something." I complained calmly changing lanes not even noticing the car that swerved out of the lane on my approach.

We went up the exit ramp, and looking back I noticed a three-car accident in the lane we had just come from. "Good thing we got off or we could have been part of that accident too." I told Katy before turning left towards my house, paying no attention to the angry cars honking at me. ‘They’re just jealous because I don’t get any red lights.’ I thought continuing down the street.