E.M. chapter three: "Ilga for Short" or "The ‘Stop’ button"

"Mwahahahaha!" I laughed, "Did that one sound better?"

Katy nodded, "Oh yes, that one sounded much better."

I smiled, "Okay good, now you try."

"Bwahahahahahaha!" Katy laughed.

"Very good. Goat. Cheese. Master." I praised then shook my head, "No, no matter how I say it, it just sounds… Weird."

Katy rolled her eyes, "Well, you asked me what I wanted my evil name to be!" She said.

"Yes, but we’re not trying to… to weird people to death!" I exclaimed.

"Hey, you said it was evil!" Katy defended.

"That I did." I agreed, "Okay, fine. Keep your nickname if you want, but what can I call you for short. I mean if I’m dying I don’t want to have to call out for the ‘Illustrious Goat-Cheese Master’! I’d probably be dead before I finished your name!"

Katy thought for a moment, "Alright, you can call me Ilga for short!" She declared to another well placed lightning flash.

Katy and I exchanged glances, "Strange weather we’re having isn’t it?" Katy asked.

"Sure is." I agreed looking out the window as rain lapped against the glass, "It was clear a minute ago."

We shrugged and got back to business. "Okay, so we have evil names, evil laughs… What else do we need?" I asked Katy.

"Evil pets?" She suggested.

My eyes lit up at her suggestion, "Yes! That’s it! Evil pets! Every evil mastermind needs an evil pet!"

"What about evil sidekicks?" Katy asked.

I waved her question aside, "They’re optional. Lots of evil sidekicks have pets too, others don’t. You should get a goat."

It was Katy’s turn for her eyes to light up, "A goat! An evil goat!" She exclaimed, "It’s perfect! You’re so smart."

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, yeah. Anyway, we’ll have to find a pet shop with goats and German Shepherds." I said, "Or maybe I’ll get a tiger… Yes, that’s it, a tiger!" I said happily before turning to Katy, "So what pet shops have tigers and goats?" I asked.

Katy avoided my questioning look, letting her eyes wander around my room and eventually (about half an hour later) both our eyes landed on one thing. My laptop.

"That’s it!" Katy and I shouted at once.

Looking at each other we smiled and finished our statements simultaneously, "We’ll look on the Sims!" I declared.

"We’ll look on the internet!" Katy declared.

We exchanged confused looks until I finally spoke up several minutes later, "The internet is a good idea too." I said.

We both took a seat in front of my computer and I started up internet explorer. "Come on, come on… Load!" I yelled at my computer until an error page came up.

"What?!" I exclaimed, "What do you mean we can’t access the internet?!"

"Hey, it says action cancelled… You pressed the ‘Stop’ button. Remember?" Katy corrected me.

I shrugged, "It’s more fun to make up a random reason why those things show up. It’s too much work to actually read them."

Katy rolled her eyes at this, "Why don’t we try Yahoo or Ebay or something?"

Typing http://www.yahoo.com into the address bar we soon found ourselves magically transported to the search engine. Content with my work I stood up, stretched and headed out the door.

Katy turned around to watch me and questioned me as I opened the door, "Where are you going?"

"To get some hot cocoa. And maybe watch a cartoon. I figure I earned a break." I said with complete earnestness.

"Okay." Katy said getting up herself to join me.