M.E. Chapter 18: To Follow or Not to Follow

The next morning we woke early as we weren’t stupid and knew that the council took place pretty early in the morning. We decided that following Frodo would be suspicious, Aragorn and Legolas would hear us coming, we didn’t know where Boromir or Gimli were staying, so we followed Sam.

We found the spot the council was to be held and hid within hearing, but where we could talk quietly if we wanted to. They started talking about things like the troubles in the mountains, and trade routes down south and soon we were bored. "Katy, remind me again why we wanted to come here." I moaned quietly.

"Um… Well I was hoping it was like the movie version." Katy whispered.

"I think Glorfindel meeting us instead of Arwen was a dead give away this was the book version…" I replied.

"Yeah, so why’d we come if you knew it would be boring?" Katy asked.

"Because you wanted to come. Besides I wanted to see Legolas embarrass himself." I told her.

"When does Legolas embarrass himself?" Katy asked.

"When he’s forced to admit the ‘watchful Mirkwood elves’ lost Gollum." I told her.

"Oh." Katy replied.

There was a silence and the council could be heard in the background. Something about never doing business with dwarves? Oh, well. "Katy, want to go do something else now?" I asked.

"Okay." She said. We quietly left and luckily went unnoticed by the council which was turning into an argument about why (or why not) dwarves (or elves) are untrustworthy.

We went into one of the gardens where we could freely talk. "They’ll be in there all morning." I told Katy.

"Yep. Too bad it’s too boring to sit through, I would’ve liked to see Sam rush up there." Katy told me.

"I would’ve preferred to see the part where Merry and Pippin ran out in the film… But, they weren’t even there so it’s not likely to happen." I replied.

"That’s right, they weren’t there." Katy said, "Where are they then?"

"I dunno…" I began, "Maybe they’re in the armory?" I asked hopefully.

"I don’t think so Rachel." Katy answered immediately, "we’re not going through THAT again!"

There was a short silence until I spoke up, "So, want to go with?" I asked.

"What? Go with who? Where?" Katy asked confused (I’ve been told only Minnesotans leave out that kind of stuff).

"Go with the Fellowship, of course!" I told Katy.

"What and ruin the whole book?" Katy asked.

"We haven’t managed to ruin it so far…" I said.

"But there were only nine in the Fellowship… Not eleven." Katy argued, "Besides, I want to go home… These people don’t even know how to make waffles."

"I know, so do I. But assuming we’re in the past. The turn of the third age to be precise," I began earning a glare from Katy (apparently she sometimes grows annoyed with my incessant need to get things perfect… Wonder why?), "So one could assume that we could be just as easily sent back with no time having passed… If we are to be sent back at all, and then it wouldn’t matter how long we stayed here." I explained the whole relativity theory to Katy yet again.

"But we could mess up the book and never get sent back in the first place since we changed history, and then we really would’ve made mess…" Katy tried to turn my logic against me… I hate it when she does that.

"BETHANY’S ON MY HATE LIST!" I suddenly cried out for no apparent reason.

"What?" Katy asked completely confused.

"Um, nothing…" I said looking around nervously to make sure I wasn’t going to be pelted by evil coconut rocks named ‘Bethany’. Upon insuring my safety I continued, "We should go with." I argued.

"No we shouldn’t." Katy repeated.

"Yes we should."

"No, we shouldn’t."

This went on for several hours (that means at least 17 minutes… Okay, at least 3…). Finally I gave in, "Fine. We won’t follow the Fellowship."

"Good. I’m glad you finally see things my way." Katy began.

"Yep," I interrupted, "WE won’t go. I’ll follow them by myself… You can stay here and help lord Elrond deal with Stacey."

"Yep…" Katy began then realized what I said, "HEY! That’s not fair!" Katy began complaining, "Fine. I’ll go with you too."

"Yeah, that’s what I thought." I told her.

"I hate this game." Katy mused.


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