M.E. Chapter 21: A Snowball Fight on Caradhras

It had been snowing a lot and I had been too col- er, busy to talk much. Finally after an eternity of quiet grumbling I turned to Katy, "We don’t need ski lifts, we need a snow plow!"

"Yeah, and we could donate one since we haven’t gotten much snow yet!" Katy agreed.

"Now what is this ‘snow plow’ you speak of?" Boromir asked grateful for anything to get his mind off the cold.

"Snow plows are big cars that push the snow away." I told him only to receive several more confused looks, "Look," I told them, "it’s just a future thing, okay?"

"What do you mean ‘a future thing’?" Aragorn asked suddenly interested.

‘Oh, crap.’ I thought, ‘did I say that out loud? Oh, well it isn’t like they’ll believe me, they never do…’ Out loud I said, "Yep, a future thing. I’m from the future and we have flying vehicles, they’re like wagons but you don’t need an animal to pull them they move by themselves, and they fly high through the sky! And we have homes on the moon! And we don’t even need to breathe anymore in the future!"

Pippin gasped, "Really!?" He asked. Poor Pippin, he’s so gullible.

"No." I told him, "But we have cars that drive on the ground and we can make heat out of little boxes!"

Sam groaned, "Here we go again."

"Hush Sam, at least it takes our minds off the cold." Merry told him, "Besides, Pippin likes her stories."

Pippin looked at me eagerly, "What other kinds of things do they have in the future?" He asked.

"Well, they have books." I told him, he didn’t look impressed, "But they’re better than just normal paper books," I quickly added, "You don’t have to read any words, pictures just appear and little people tell the story, like plays but there isn’t really anyone there." I told him, "And they are shown in little boxes," I proceeded to show him the size of a TV with my hands, "This big!"

"Wow, how do they find people that small?" Pippin asked not being able to comprehend any of what I had just told him.

I continued to tell Pippin about the future, and of course most of it went over his head (that’s not to say Pippin’s especially dumb, none of the others understood what I was talking about either).

I soon got tired of Pippins questions, he couldn’t understand that we sat on chairs just like theirs or that we walked or ran outside or did anything like him.

I reached out into the snow and scooped up a large clump of it into my hands. I packed it down and looked up at Legolas for what seemed like the hundredth time only to see him still walking all high-and-mighty like on top of the snow. This was really getting on my nerves. Here we were struggling through the drifts of snow that were falling, and he walked lightly on top of all of it.

I let my snowball fly, and it hit him on the shoulder. He swirled around, arrow now on his bow. He quickly discovered that it was only snow that had hit his shoulder and after looking around warily, he went back to walking. No one had seen me the first time, so I tried again. This time I hit him in the back of the head.

Again he turned around, this time he realized someone had thrown it, "Alright, who threw that snow at me?" He asked.

Everyone was snickering, even Sam, and so I was glad that I wasn’t the only one who looked guilty.

Giving up his hopeless quest, he turned back around again, once in a while casting weary glances over his shoulder. This new challenge didn’t scare me though, I grabbed another snowball and threw it at him. To my surprise, he swirled around again, and this time he was fast enough that he caught the snowball before it hit him.

"Why are you throwing snow at me?" He asked, only slight annoyance in his voice.

Before I could answer Katy threw the snowball she had been holding at Boromir. "Snowball fight!" I announced, and hastily packing another snowball I threw it at Legolas who couldn’t catch it this time since he was already holding one.

A smirk played across the elves face and he threw the snowball he was holding back at me. Soon all of us were throwing snowballs at each other (with the exception of Aragorn and Gandalf who were a little ways ahead).

Hearing our cries of mirth, Aragorn and Gandalf turned around. It took them a little while to take in the scene before them, and when they finally did they started laughing at the sight of all of us playing in the snow like a bunch of kids (I think they were especially laughing at Boromir and Gimli who were trying to pull Legolas into the snow).

They didn’t let us continue for long though, "Okay, that is enough." Aragorn told us, "We do not want you all to catch colds!" He tried to be stern, but failed miserably as he was still laughing.

"Aragorn is right." Gandalf told us seriously, "We still have a long ways to go before we reach Lorien, and it would take even longer if we had to care for the ill."

We continued like he asked, but not without much grumbling.

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