M.E. Chapter 27: The Sacred Art of Physics

About a minute later Aragorn tired of our still continued ‘no’ and made us stop. He pushed us down the hill he was sitting on. I came back up with Katy moments later and looked down at him angrily, "Why would you do such a thing??" I asked, trying to look innocent.

"What are you talking about?" He asked nicely.

"Why did you push us down the hill?" I asked again, impatiently.

"I did not push you down a hill… You tripped; I tried to grab you…" Aragorn said innocently.

I glared at him, "I’m not falling for that… It’s just like the time you said Gandalf wasn’t in your room!"

Aragorn began to stand up. At an unspoken signal, Katy and I charged him and all three of us ended up at the bottom of the hill again. By now we had drawn a bit of a crowd. Merry and Pippin were watching us, as well as Legolas and Boromir.

"What seems to be a problem, Aragorn?" Legolas asked, "Can you not handle two young maidens?"

"They outnumbered me and came in for a sneak attack!" Aragorn said laughing as we tried to get up while keeping him down at the same time. "Besides, they are not as weak as they look."

At that I got angry again, "I’m not weak!" I exclaimed and tried to pull out my sword. Unfortunately, Katy standing beside me tried pulling hers out at the same time and we kind of ran into each other, setting the others off laughing again.

"Hey!" I said, "I killed a couple of orcs back there!" I began, "And there was that warg back in Hollin…"

"Actually, I shot that one." Legolas said.

I rolled my eyes, "But if you hadn’t we would’ve gotten it so it counts for us."

"Yeah, anyways, at least we didn’t… Um… At least… I know Physics!" Katy said trying to be helpful.

"What’s ‘physics’?" Boromir stopped laughing just long enough to ask.

"Yes, we know the sacred art of the Physics!" I said agreeing with Katy.

"Only a choice few are taught the sacred ways. It is a great honor." Katy added.

"And a tribute to our awesome strength." I put in, "But to become a sacred wielder of the arts of Physics we had to make an oath." I added, "We would never use our abilities unless in times of great need, so great is the power of them."

Aragorn looked at us skeptically, but Merry and Pippin at least looked impressed. "Wow!" said Pippin, "Can you teach me some?"

"Quiet, Pip." Merry scolded, "Teach me first!"

The hobbits began arguing who we would teach the arts of physics to and we tried to maintain our serious looks. Finally Aragorn interrupted them, "I think it is time we moved on, we need to reach the woods before night fall."

So we continued on, much to the regret of two hobbits who had been so looking forward to learning more about this ‘physics’. They were still conversing with each other about what they thought it must be when the golden woods came into view.

"Look, Katy!" I exclaimed, "I’ll bet that’s Lothlorien!"

"I’ll bet it is!" She agreed, and then put on her best Gimli voice (which wasn’t very good) "We should not go in, these woods are treacherous. Stay close to me little hobbits. This is one dwarf they will not catch unawares, I have the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox."

At this I jumped up and held my hands out as if holding an imaginary bow, "The dwarf breathes so loud we could have shot him in the dark." I declared in my most Haldir like voice (which also wasn’t very good). Then we both started laughing and shot glances at Gimli who was looking rather annoyed.

"Are you saying I am loud?" He asked angrily.

"Do birds fly south?" I asked.

"Och! I am far stealthier than the likes of you!" He declared.

"Not when we’re trying to be stealthy." Katy told him.

"Nope, besides, you snore." I said.

"I do not!" The dwarf replied indignantly.

"Actually, you do." Legolas agreed.

"And very loudly too." Aragorn said.

"Fine fellowship this turned out to be." Gimli pouted, "Everyone picks on the dwarf."

We were now just within the boarders of the wood, and we started to look for someplace to settle down for the night.

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