M.E. Chapter 30: Perfect Elf Balance

Sometime during my droning we arrived at the part of the Silverlode River Haldir deemed we should cross at. He threw a rope (presumably harvested from the afore mentioned rope trees) across the stream to another elf on the other side. They both tied their ends securely to trees.

Haldir demonstrated how we were to cross by prancing back and forth across the rope, finally returning to our side.

Legolas was about to object when I cut him off, "Cool! I wanna try first!" I exclaimed and before anyone could stop me I had climbed onto the rope.

"I don’t think that’s a good idea…" Legolas began.

"Shut up, Leggy!" I said, "If you can do it, so can I." Then under my breath I added, "Or make a fool of myself trying." I shrugged and continued onto the rope.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the others smirking at me, waiting for me to fall in. I’d show them. I’d make it all the way across… After all, it seems easy enough in ‘Zelda’.

Before anyone gets their hopes up, no, I did not fall into the river to get carried away far down stream and into the sea where I would get eaten by a hungry school of sharks (or eels as the case may be), nor did I fall into the river to get carried away until I hit my head against a sharp protruding rock only to catch pneumonia soon afterwards and die from the cold/drowning. I didn’t even get wet. I fell off before I even got two feet! After my first three or four steps I landed most ungracefully in the grass (mere inches away from the river), earning much laughter from my companions.

I shot them all glares, "Well if any of you can do that, I’d like to see!" I exclaimed; then upon spotting Legolas start towards the rope I added, "Not you Mr. Perfect-Elf-Balance!"

He smirked at me, "It’s not my fault you clumsy humans were not born with elven grace."

"Yeah well, I guess you elves need the extra agility and balance to make up for your lack of physical strength and muscle!" I said.

Legolas stopped laughing and cocked an eyebrow. Everyone was waiting with anticipation for his inevitable come back. "Is that a fact?" He asked, "Then perhaps you would like to challenge me?"

I quickly looked around for a place to hide. Upon finding no good ones I quickly walked over by Aragorn and replied, "No, I wouldn’t want to make you act dishonorably by hitting an innocent little maiden… Aragorn will challenge you in my place!" I told him pushing Aragorn forward.

"Hold it! I will do no such thing! Legolas is my friend, I would not want to hurt him!"

"Oh, is that how it is?" the elf asked skeptically, "You think you could hurt me, adan?"

"Are you kidding? Aragorn would beat you so bad you wouldn’t know which way is up!" I informed the annoyed elf.

"Wait, I did not say that exactly…" Aragorn tried to explain.

"I will offer you my help in bringing down the elf, Aragorn! For it is a noble undertaking." Gimli encouraged. By now Katy, the hobbits, Boromir and I were all laughing (or trying vainly not to).

Finally Aragorn came up with a good excuse as to why he couldn’t fight Legolas (besides that he was afraid), "Maybe we can continue this later, mellon nin, for now let us not keep lord Celeborn and the Lady Galadreil waiting."

Legolas consented to this and Haldir finally got us underway again.



Learn Elvish!

adan – man (edain is plural, men)

mellon nin – my friend

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