M.E. Chapter 31: Elf #32

Everyone must be very curious as to what is happening back in Rivendell with Stacey and the elves. We will now take a brief break from our courageous adventurers and return to the realm of Elrond. This is what I pieced together from the news Elrond, Stacey and other random elves told me…

"Please Heruamin, do something! Confine her to quarters, throw her in the dungeons, anything!"

This was the third such complaint today… And it was only ten o’clock. He wasn’t even going to think about the number of complaints he had gotten all week.

Elrond sighed, "I will see what I can do, Glorfindel. Maybe if we talk to her one more time…"

"My lord, my friend, it did not work the last three times you tried, I do not think it will work this time!" Glorfindel argued.

"I will bring out my secret weapon this time." Elrond assured him.

"And what is that?" Glorfindel asked skeptically.

"You." Elrond replied and left the room with that.

"Elrond!" Glorfindel called after him, then seeing he wasn’t coming back, he quickly followed after him, "Wait, I never agreed to scolding young maidens for you!"

"You would have to be truly brave indeed for that, I have seen even brave warriors cower in fear from her." Elrond sighed, "I will not force you to…" He gave Glorfindel a moment to object then continued, "Follow me."

Glorfindel obediently followed and they found Stacey in the west gardens cuddling up to a young elf named Tri’kal who looked exceedingly uncomfortable. They both started as the elf lords entered into their view. Elrond smiled grimly, noting this allowed the young elf ample time to escape.

Stacey frowned, "Now look, you’ve scared off my friend, elf #32." She pouted, she hadn’t really paid attention when he told her his name… Tickle or something? "Oh well, I still have Glorfy!" She ran over and engulfed the now pale elf lord in a devastating hug.

"Lady Stacey, we need to talk…" Elrond explained, attempting to pry the maiden off his friend.

"What, again? All you people ever do is talk! The end of the world is coming, you talk; new hope is found, you talk…" Stacey complained crossing her arms after being dislodged.

Glorfindel cut her off, "Lady Stacey we need to talk about your recent behavior… Actually it’s been a bit of a problem since you came here. More so after your friends left."

"How come I didn’t get to go with the Fellowship!?" Stacey asked, "You let Rachel and Katy go with them!"

Elrond sighed, he noticed he was doing a lot of that lately, how many times was he going to have to explain this? "Like I said, I did not let them go with the Fellowship. They followed them without my consent and are probably dead by now. I would never allow maidens to go on such a dangerous mission."

"Why not? I can take care of myself." Stacey cried indignantly.

"Your are but a child, you have plenty of time for adventuring later." Glorfindel told her politely, noting it was hard to remain polite with her and that Stacey was taxing his patience yet again.

"But we are getting off the point." Elrond reminded them, "Stacey, it is not permissible for you to go around randomly hugging or snuggling with elves. We find it… Unnerving, you understand."

"My god! It’s like an entire city of Rachel’s! You guys are so boring!" Stacey whined (and I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for Stacey’s choice of words, but hey, it was her not me. I wasn’t around to remind her to stay at a PG level). Then she got an evil glint in her eyes and she ran up and hugged Elrond!

It took him a moment to regain his assaulted senses. He looked down to face the brutal truth, he had become this maiden’s latest victim. This was the last straw.

Glorfindel was trying to hide a snicker behind his fist. Elrond firmly pushed Stacey off of him, "Enough!" He almost shouted, "I am sorry, lord Glorfindel, that I did not believe you earlier, but you are correct, this situation has gotten well out of hand! Action must be taken…"


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Heruamin – my lord (familiar)

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