M.E. Chapter 32: Pin the Ear on the Elf

"The dwarf will now be blind folded as agreed." Haldir told us once we had all crossed and he had stopped me from running back and forth across the rope coarse (he had added two more ropes we could hold onto).

"I never agreed to that!" Gimli spouted angrily.

"Nonetheless, it is the only way…" Haldir continued.

While they were discussing this I turned to Frodo who was standing next to me, "So Frodo… How’s the weather down there?" I asked.

"What?" Frodo asked confused, "The same as up there, I guess…"

I nodded ignoring his confusion, "How do you like Lorein so far?" I asked lamely.

"Oh, it is wonderful!" He responded, "It is already so beautiful and we are only on the edges of the wood!"

"Um… Yeah sure. It has that effect on people." I said not at all interested, "Hey, you wanna go climb a tree or something?" I asked, "I would ask you to steal some mushrooms, but Farmer Maggot’s crops are kind of far away now."

Frodo noticeably reddened and began to look uncomfortable, "You didn’t seriously think he’d sick his dogs on you, did you?" I continued. "You were a pretty gullible kid, huh? Even more so than Katy…"

"But… What… How do you know about that?" He asked fidgeting. I’m sure Katy would’ve been irritated with my comment but she wasn’t nearby, so didn’t hear.

"Oh, Sam told me." I informed him (yeah right), "He told me a good many other things as well." I smiled, now he’d get it.

Frodo glared at Sam then stomped over to where he was chatting with Katy, "Samwise Gamgee!" Frodo said, "Why did you tell Lady Rachel about my childhood? I was very young then, I would never act that way now!"

Sam was now red also from being yelled at by his friend and master, "Now Mr. Frodo, I haven’t got the slightest idea of what you mean by that. I haven’t told Lady Rachel or anyone else about any of the misadventures from your early life."

Frodo looked from Sam back to me, then back to Sam again, "Then how does she know about Farmer Maggot’s mushrooms?" he asked.

"I don’t know, maybe Mr. Merry told her, they seem to be on friendly terms. But like my Gaffer says…"

I quickly cut him off, "Sam we don’t care what your Gaffer says! Why don’t you form your own ideas and stop quoting others??"

"My Gaffer was a very respectable hobbit!" Sam replied, putting his hands on his hips angrily.

"Yeah right, I still don’t want to hear it." I declared.

"All of us, and that is final." Aragorn was saying.

"So be it, bind all of their eyes." Haldir commanded some other elves.

They blind folded all of us, even me and Katy, though we weren’t technically part of the Fellowship and so I thought we should be exempted from some of the inconveniences.

"Hey!" Katy exclaimed, "We could play pin the tail on the donkey!" She suggested as an elf covered her eyes.

"Or pin the ear on the elf!" I added as another bound my eyes.

Haldir nervously suggested, "How about we just continue on and leave the elves’ ears where they are." He couldn’t figure out why the lord and the lady wanted to talk with these maidens. Why had they even come with the other eight?

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