M.E. Chapter 38: Stones

They eventually made it over the mountain. Stacey had stopped listening when Trolandir asked her to be quiet, she just sang all the louder. He had gradually caught onto this, and stopped asking her.

All the elves had headaches, and they took this opportunity to stop for the night. Stacey had fallen asleep rather quickly, to the relief of the elves. Apparently she had been tired from all the work she had done that day. The elves noted she never would have made it with the Fellowship on foot.

In the morning they started off again.

"Are we there yet?" Stacey asked only moments after they had remounted.

Trolandir rolled his eyes. He had tried to get the other elves to redraw for today, but they had all refused, not wanting to chance getting stuck with a maiden screaming something in their ears which she claimed to be ‘music’.

"We are not there yet." He replied, trying to keep his voice even, but failing miserably, "Does it LOOK like we are there??"

Stacey shrugged, "How would I know? Have I been there before?" She asked innocently.

Trolandir sighed, "Just try to be quieter this time. Please?" He asked, "We’ll be in elf-land in about an hour."

Stacey sighed, "Fine. I’ll be good." She relented.

Trolandir looked at her in surprise, was it really that easy? "Really? No more walking songs? No more riding songs?" He asked skeptically.

"Nope, no more songs." Stacey agreed.

Trolandir smiled to himself. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

It wasn’t long before he was once again proved wrong. Stacey had started up again, he had no idea what excuse she would use this time…

"Are we there yet, are we there yet?" She ‘sang’, and answered herself before he had the chance, "No we aren’t, no we aren’t!" She went on about this for quite some time before Trolandir could no longer take it.

"I though you said no more songs!" He exclaimed, not even trying to hide his anger.

Stacey smiled, "I know. Do you consider this a song?" She asked, "It’s more like an annoying rant, with some sort of rhythm!"

He gave an exaggerated sigh and a pleading glance to his fellow elves who just shrugged.

Stacey didn’t care and proceeded to ‘rant’ again, "All hail to the bus driver, bus driver, bus driver! Hail to the bus driver, bus driver man!" She began.

The rest of the day was much the same. When they ran into elven territory they had immediately been apprehended. The Lothlorien elves, apparently aware of how their Mirkwood brethren had been entrusted with Gollum had been worried they were in for the same.

After showing them an official note from lord Elrond himself, they had grudgingly been allowed to pass. Trolandir noticed that none of the native elves volunteered to accompany them.

****End Flashback****

"Then we finally arrived here, and I think the rest of the Rivendell elves left that night." Stacey concluded.

Katy and I looked at her wide eyed, not even blinking. "You *hugged* lord Elrond??" Katy gasped, coming back to reality first for once.

I soon followed and smirked, holding my hand out for the stone Katy dug out of her pocket, "I told you she’s bad." I said smugly.

"I never thought she’d be THAT bad!" Katy exclaimed.

I shrugged, "Nice stone though." Katy nodded in agreement.

"Wait a minute! You guys were betting on whether or not I would hug lord Elrond??" Stacey exclaimed, "That’s awful!"

I smirked, "No, we weren’t betting on that." I told her, putting the stone in my pocket.

"Then what, if I would get in trouble?" Stacey asked, growing confused.

Katy shook her head, also smirking, "No, that’s not it either!"

"Then what???" Stacey asked.

We just smiled and turned to walk away. We heard her quickly following us, and broke into a run. The following footsteps did the same thing.

"Okay Katy, you go that way, I’ll go this way!" I told her in between gasps as we ran. Katy nodded.

"Now!" I told her. We both turned left, "You were supposed to go right!!!" I exclaimed.

Katy smiled, "But then I’d either have her on my tail alone, or be lost!" She told me.

I shook my head in defeat and we continued running together.

Soon we passed the Fellowship who had been on their way down to where we would be staying.

Aragorn shook his head, and spoke to Legolas, "They were all tired out a minute ago, what happened?" He asked.

Legolas pointed at another figure running closely behind us, "I think I may have an idea." he replied somberly. Aragorn just nodded as Merry and Pippin burst into laughing fits again.

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