M.E. Chapter 40: Skipping Breakfast

Much to our dismay, Haldir deemed necessary to take us directly to Galadriel, skipping breakfast. ‘Oh well’ I thought, ‘I can catch second breakfast with the hobbits later.’

Galadriel smiled at us when we entered. Aragorn, Legolas and Frodo were slightly off to our left. Then she spoke, "Some discussion has been brought up as to where you will go from here." She told us, confirming our suspicions that this would be about us staying here.

"This concerns you so I insisted you be present to argue your case, although Aragorn seems to think you cannot be reasoned with." She told us, "He, as well as the others," at that she motioned towards where the three of them were seated, "believe it would be dangerous for you to accompany them any farther. Furthermore, they claim you followed them, and it was not the will of the council for you to join their Fellowship."

We looked down slightly embarrassed she knew this, "Do you admit these to be correct accounts?" Galadriel asked us.

We brightened; she was actually giving us a choice! That was more than Elrond had done. "Well, my lady," I began, trying my best to be polite even though it was nearly killing me to do so, "It is true we did not get leave from lord Elrond and his council, however isn’t it true that even the wisest cannot foresee all ends?" I asked.

"Are you suggesting lord Elrond made folly when deciding not to allow you to accompany the Fellowship on their quest?" Galadriel asked, betraying no emotion as to whether she approved or not.

Katy and I looked at each other and shrugged, "Yep." We both replied.

Galadriel smiled slightly at this, she always loved it when maidens took matters into their own hands, it always made the men squirm. Aragorn stood up, "My lady," He addressed Galadriel, "it is outrageous to even suggest such a thing! Lord Elrond knew it would be dangerous and did not wish to danger these maidens, it is a wonder they were not slayed by the wargs or the army of orcs in Moria!"

I darted a glare at him before pleading again to Galadriel, "But we’ve already survived those things! We’ve already lived through two battles! That makes us twice as competent as we were when we left, twice as prepared for the next!"

"And besides, they’ll need all the help they can get!" Katy agreed, "What if they were to split up by a series of unfortunate events? Three of them against a hundred orcs isn’t very good odds."

"Nor are five against one hundred!" Legolas told us, "Even when the extra two are skilled warriors the odds are bad, they worsen, not better when maidens are added!"

This time all three of us, Katy, Galadriel and I glared at him, making him cower back to his seat. "Are you suggesting, prince Legolas, that a lady could never become a warrior? I am aware of several such in your own armies!"

Legolas gulped, "No, my lady!" He insisted, "I meant no offense!"

Galadriel nodded graciously, "I will take the evidence and discuss it with my husband and relay my decision later. Lord Celeborn sends his apologies for not being able to attend directly, but there was the matter of orcs in our lands."

We were dismissed at that. We walked out together, silently at first as we turned down the corridors and down various staircases and ladders along the way.

"You want to get rid of us!" Katy finally exclaimed, confronting the three men.

"Don’t you like us anymore?" I asked, joining in the (rare) confrontation with my friend.

"Erm..." Frodo stuttered, trying to think of someway to explain this nicely.

"Yes we want to get rid of you." Legolas bluntly told us, a look of hurt spreading over our faces (exaggerated for dramatic purposes).

"And we never liked you." Aragorn then told us, hoping inside us thinking they hated us would make the departure easier. Our look of hurt could clearly be seen increasing, and we looked close to tears (much exaggerated for dramatic purposes).

We ran off, bursting into laughter after we were out of earshot. "Did you see the way Frodo looked at them?" I asked Katy.

"Yup, if looks could kill they’d be in about a hundred pieces!" Katy laughed.

"He looked *so* mad at them! About ready to jump them with his sword, I warrant!" We laughed some more.

"Even Aragorn and Legolas looked shaken over the looks we gave them!" Katy said.

"Yup, they’ll feel *really* guilty when we wish them off. We’ll have to act very upset and maybe cold to those two also." I suggested.

Katy laughed evilly, "They won’t be able to stand themselves for days!"

We walked off, making evil plots to make our comrades feel bad; after all they had tried to get rid of us first! But now we were going to join the hobbits for second breakfast.

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