M.E. Chapter 41: Pippin’s All Choked up

"Hullo Merry, Pippin, Stacey." I said, pleasantly addressing all present. I was still feeling very proud of myself over my recent dramatic break through.

"Hello everyone!" Katy also greeted, feeling very proud of herself as well.

"You seem to be in pleasant moods this morning." Merry pointed out. Pippin was not about to stop stuffing his face just to greet us.

"Yes, suspiciously so." Stacey said, agreeing with Merry.

"Why is it that every time I’m nice to you, you always assume the worst?" I asked, not even feigning hurt anymore.

"Because it always proves true, now what are you plotting?" She asked.

Katy and I exchanged evil glances, "Nothing!" We both insisted at once.

"And even if we were, why would we ruin it by telling anyone?" Katy asked.

"Yeah, we’ve learned better than that through watching cartoons!" I agreed.

Stacey rolled her eyes, "Just tell me one thing, is this plot against me?"

I thought for a moment, deciding whether to answer her question, finally I decided it couldn’t hurt… But only after we had ignored her, gotten plates of food and joined Merry and Pippin in stuffing our faces. I was nearly done before I spoke, "No." I told Stacey.

"Huh? No, what?" Stacey asked, apparently she had forgotten all about the conversation we had recently had. Okay, so it had been nearly 20 minutes since anyone spoke but you can’t be too hasty in these kind of decisions.

"No it isn’t against you. Or anyone else in this room actually." I said.

"What isn’t?" Pippin asked finally breaking attention from his food.

"The plot Stacey accused us of having!" Katy reminded them.

"You’d think you guys could collectively remember *something!*" I exclaimed.

Stacey laughed evilly, "but it’s so much more fun making you explain things over and over again!" She confided, the hobbits nodding eagerly while taking more bites of food, a feat that got the better of Pippin who immediately began to choke on his bread in the excitement.

"Come on Pippin, breathe!" Merry ordered, pounding on his chest like I had told him how to do CPR.

"Um, Merry," I said, trying to stifle my laughter, "you’re supposed to be pounding on *Pippin’s* chest… Not yours."

Katy, Stacey and Pippin all started laughing, which successfully dislodged Pippin’s windpipe, causing a small piece of food to fly out and hit the embarrassed Merry in the face.

Pippin and Merry didn’t eat anymore after that, and Stacey was bugging us to hurry up and finish. Soon we just abandoned the rest of our breakfast to get her to stop poking us.

"So what should we do now?" Pippin asked.

"Oh, I know!" Merry exclaimed, "How about elevensies!"

Pippin was in mid nod when Stacey cut him off, "How about not, you guys just finished eating!"

"Yes but it must be nearly eleven now, we slept late this morning." Pippin pointed out.

"Yes, and it has been nearly ten minutes since we last ate anything." Merry agreed.

"Why don’t we go look around?" Stacey asked, "I have only been here two days and haven’t really gotten a chance to look around much."

I glared suspiciously at her, and Katy, missing my hint exclaimed, "Okay, that sounds like fun!"

I rolled my eyes, "Katy, we’ve spent the last three hours wandering around!"

"Well we wouldn’t have if you would’ve stopped and asked for directions." Katy argued.

"I knew exactly where we were!" I exclaimed, "It was getting to where we weren’t that was the problem, besides why didn’t you ask for directions?"

"Um… You see… I’m allergic to…" Katy stammered, "It’s against katyism to ask strangers for directions!" She finally decided on an excuse.

"Yeah well, I wouldn’t want to go against the katyism code, so that’s why I didn’t either!" I told her.

"I am not sure if I want to know… But what is ‘katyism’?" Pippin asked.

"You don’t want to know." Stacey told him.

With that, we all went in search of… Somewhere. Just as something to occupy ourselves with; in fact, you could say we went in search of the future, seeing as how that’s exactly what we ended up finding.

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