M.E. Chapter 45: Apples

It was now Katy’s turn, "Pippin, truth or dare?" She asked.

Pippin lit up, "Oh, dare! A fun one like Merry’s!" He exclaimed beginning to spout off ideas he thought he should do.

I rolled my eyes, "Pippin, you’re supposed to let Katy choose your dare." I said.

Pippin stilled, "Oh yeah." He said and waited expectantly.

Katy thought, "Okay, your dare is to ask Galadriel or… Her husband…"

I cut Katy off, "It’s Celeborn, Katy." I told her.

"Okay, ask Galadriel or Celeborn for an apple." She finished.

Pippin looked around nervously, "You want me to ask the lord or lady for an apple?" He asked, making sure he’d heard right.

"Yup." Katy said, sounding pleased of herself for thinking of such a good dare.

We silently followed behind Pippin as he snuck through the maze of talons up to the main hall.

Upon arrival we waited right outside until Pippin got up the nerve to enter. No sooner had he gone in than one pompous elf walked up.

"What are you doing?" Legolas asked, causing half of us to jump.

I looked up but quickly returned my eyes to gaze after Pippin, "Nothing." I said.

He peeked through the doorway at what we were all looking at, "What is that hobbit up to now?" He asked.

None of us answered him, so he just stood and waited for the scene to unfold with the rest of us.

We could see Pippin say something to an elf maiden then she walked off and Pippin stood nervously waiting for her return, slowly turning pink.

Lady Galadriel came into view and Pippin began to speak again after a quick bow which he came up from with his face redder than ever.

Galadriel looked at him strangely and he continued to talk. Then she laughed. Pippin laughed nervously along with her and Galadriel said something to the servant who left the room with a bow.

The servant was soon back again with a few apples in her arms. Galadriel took them and gave them to Pippin who was blushing furiously by this point. She said something and he bowed and walked quickly back out the door to where we were waiting.

Once out he broke into a run, a slow one as he was carrying several apples, but a run nonetheless. The rest of us, including Legolas followed.

We arrived back at the pavilion a short time later. "What is going on?" Legolas asked again, "What was that all about?" He aimed this question at Pippin.

Pippin smiled, "Apple, Legolas?" He asked and tossed him one.

Legolas caught it but still had a look of confusion on his face. "It’s your turn, Pip." Merry reminded him.

Pippin smirked evilly, "Legolas, truth or dare?" He asked.

Legolas looked even more confused than he had, "Huh? What are you talking about Pippin?"

"Pick one, truth or dare?" Pippin said.

"Okay. Um, truth." He said.

Pippin smiled, "Who was your first love?" He asked then added, "Assuming you have ever had one."

Legolas flushed, "I will have you know I cannot get away from all the clinging elven maidens back home!" He declared.

"Okay, then who was it?" Pippin asked again.

Legolas’ eyes slitted, "Why should I tell you?" He asked.

"Because you chose truth and that means you have to answer me truthfully." Pippin told him.

Legolas rolled his eyes, "Fine. There was a young elven maiden, Belethsirciel." He told us, "I was 300, she was 279. She pushed me out of a tree and I shoved her into the dirt." He said.

We all burst out laughing. "Katy remind me never to fall in love with an elf!" I laughed.

"Yeah, it can be dangerous to your health!" Katy laughed.

"That was love?" Pippin asked still laughing.

Legolas reddened, "Hey, we were kids!" He insisted, "Fine, if that is how you are going to be…" He said and started to leave.

"No, Legolas wait!" I called, "It’s your turn!"

Legolas halted and turned back toward us, "What do you mean?" He asked.

"Now you get to ask someone truth or dare." I told him.

He walked back over looking smug. "Okay, has anyone not been dared yet?" He asked. We all pointed to Stacey.

"Very well." He said sitting down in our circle, "Lady Stacey, truth or dare?" He asked mirth evident in his eyes.

Stacey looked around nervously, "Um… Truth." She said, wimping out of her dare.

Legolas looked disappointed, "Don’t worry Leggy," I encouraged him, "There’s always next time."

He brightened a little, "Okay lady Stacey… Do you really like everyone or are you just insane?" He asked.

Stacey looked defensive, "What’s that supposed to mean?" She asked.

"You know, how you go around hugging everyone. I have heard the report from Lord Elrond." He told her.

The rest of us started snickering again. "I, um… Not fair! It’s a trick question!" She complained.

"Well you could go for dare instead." I told her, replacing Legolas’ evil smile.

"Um.. No, I think I’ll stick with the question…" Stacey said, eyeing Legolas nervously.

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