M.E. Chapter 49: The Deblock Bird

Rumil and I were walking at a moderate pace back towards the city of light. It was dark out now and you could sometimes make out the moon when there was a break in the overhanging branches.

My stomach growled, "I’m hungry." I groaned. I grumbled remembering this one doesn’t speak Westron. I thought back to my lessons earlier that day, "Amin anta vasa!" I complained. [learn elvish! Amin anta vasa ~ I need some food… Sort of]

Rumil laughed, "Mani ume lle quena?" He asked. [Mani ume lle quena ~ What did you say?]

I wrinkled my brow in concentration then finally repeated myself, "Amin anta vasa." I said again.

"Mankoi?" Rumil asked. [mankoi ~ why]

"Mankoi?" I asked, what does he mean, ‘why?’

"Mankoi ume lle quena tanya?" He asked, making his question clearer. [ why did you say that?]

I rolled my eyes, "Never mind." I said annoyed.

Rumil laughed and we continued to walk along. I murmured to myself every step of the way, "Stupid elf. Can’t even understand plain English. Even I understand some elvish, the least he could do is understand English back. Stupid elf…" And continued on much the same.

We were about half way there when Rumil held out a hand to stop me. He signaled to me to continue on silently, whispering "Dina." [dina ~ be silent]

I started to get excited, ‘were we finally going to run into orcs?’ I wondered. I followed as stealthily as I could.

We came upon a small clearing with a very narrow stream running through it. I gasped. Not at the clearing but at a marvelous bird drinking of the stream.

It was about a thirty centimeters tall (that’s about a foot for all you non-scientific folks). It’s chest seemed to glow with light bouncing off thousands of tiny precious stones, somewhat resembling the chest of a dragon.

It’s back was covered in velvety midnight blue feathers, but on the tip of each was a tiny red spot, barely larger than a pinpoint. The way it was crouching made it impossible for me to make out it’s legs as they were smothered in the feathers.

The bird had a beak of gold that shimmered every time it moved it’s head about, but most enchanting were it’s eyes. They were like diamonds set into it’s dark face, beautiful white light seemed to radiate from within them.

It glanced our direction, though it’s eyes never locked on us and flew away. As it spread it’s wings the moon seemed to catch upon them and they seemed to shimmer of many colors.

Rumil and I watched silently after it, both in awe of what we had been blessed to see.

Finally Rumil stood from where we were crouching. When I didn’t follow he punched me lightly in the arm, "Tila." He said. [tila ~ come]

I stood and followed him though my eyes wandered back to the glade.

We walked along in silence for a while after that, both still lost in our own thoughts. Eventually I broke the silence, "Mani nae ta?" I asked. [what was that?]

"Re naa Deblock." He told me quietly.

I nodded and we walked silently through the gates of Lothlorien.

We split company soon after that, Rumil needed to go report to the Captain of the guards and I really wanted to get something to eat as my stomach’s protests had become more frequent and more insistent.

As I walked towards the dining hall I heard a peculiar noise, and yet one that was not altogether unfamiliar to me.

I walked on jogging my memory for the cause of this sound. The noise in question became louder and clearer as I walked on. I smiled mischievously, now I remembered what the cause of this noise had been in the past…

Very soon I found my hypothesis proved true. There I saw two girls who I knew all too well walking along chatting behind a ranger who looked like he would be happier as an orc giving birth… Assuming that’s even possible.

I tried not to laugh at the sight of Aragorn storming through the fair elven city with a look angry enough to kill on his face, followed by two clueless ‘maidens’ chatting with each other cheerfully.

"And then I’m going to marry your first born, ok Aragorn?" Katy was asking.

Aragorn hadn’t noticed me but shot back anyway, "And what if my first born happens to be a female?" He asked picking up speed.

Katy laughed, "Just promise me and I’ll shut up." She said.

He was about to respond when his eyes finally laid on me walking in their general direction with quite a smug look on my face. "What seems to be the problem, Strider?" I asked innocently.

"She wants my first born." Aragorn growled.

I tried not to look horrified at the suggestion but barely succeeded in stifling my mirth, "Not Eldarion?" I asked.

"Eldarion?" He repeated (Aragorn’s point of view) ‘Hm… Eldarion, that’s not a bad name… (back to mine), "What are you speaking of now?"

"Er, nothing…" I said, "Later, I’m gonna get supper." I said and tried to slip by.

"Wait." Aragorn ordered, "You will take these two with you. I cannot suffer another moment with them." And with that the ranger stormed off.

"Rachel!" Katy called, running over to hug me, but deciding better of it at the last moment.

"Katy!" I called, running over to hug her, but deciding better of it at the last moment.

"Rachel!" Stacey called, running over to hug me, making contact just as the two of us had halted.

"Ah! No! Get it off! Get it off!" I called, struggling to unsheathe my sword.

I finally managed it, and Stacey backed off… Way off… Actually she took the safest place she could find… Behind a certain hobbit.

"Stupid hobbit shield." I grumbled, "No fair hiding behind a hobbit!"

Stacey stuck her tongue out at me, aware that she had won this time. I grudgingly returned my sword to it’s sheathe with much the same difficulty as before.

I sighed and continued walking towards the dining hall when suddenly a thought struck me, "Wait a minute, you stole my sword! I can’t let you get away unscathed with something like that!" I shouted, and this time it was very, very close to what other people would consider shouting.

Stacey wisely sped off in the other direction, knowing even a hobbit wouldn’t save her from my wrath this time. I ran after her with all the power I could muster on an empty stomach.

Katy just stood there and blinked for a minute before she too turned in our direction, "Hey, wait for me!" She called before running off after both of us.

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