M.E. chapter 6: Ack, Hugs!

We were way off track so we had to find our way back to the road. Once there, Aragorn decided we would just follow it to Loudwater. We were just about to stop for the night, off the road, but nearby, when all of a sudden we heard hooves walking up the road. We all hid off to the side. The horse was getting closer and I started laughing.

Aragorn glared at me, "Quiet!" he whispered, but it was too late I couldnít stop. Then Katy started laughing, too. Aragorn had his hand on the hilt of his sword ready to draw, when he was pleasantly surprised by the sight of Glorfindel riding towards us up the road.

Aragorn jumped out to greet the elf, and Katy and I were laughing uncontrollably. "You should have seen the look on your face when he heard that horse!" I laughed to Aragorn.

"Itís a good thing it was a friend riding up the road, not an enemy." Aragorn scowled.

"Lighten up, no way one of those Nazgul could have rode so lightly!" I said still laughing.

We left with Glorfindel (Glorfindel is a tall blonde elf lord, for those of you who havenít read the book and/or appendices) the next morning, and he made us go even fasteróand with less restsóthan Aragorn had! Stupid elf!

"This is boring." I said as we practically ran along.

"Remember what I said," Strider warned, "No talking, this is the most dangerous part of our trip, we are likely to run into the Black Riders waiting for us along the road or at the crossing."

"Will you sing a song then?" I asked, I was obviously desperate if I wanted to hear one of Aragornís boring songs. Theyíre all about elves and mortals falling in love.

This proposition was greeted with Ďshhhís coming from all directions. I walked along silently sulking after that.

After less than two hours of sleep that night we finally were drawing near to the ford. All of a sudden the Nazgul came out of their hiding places and charged towards Frodo. Glorfindel was ready for this and told his horse to run across the ford (well, something like thatÖ it was in elvish but that was the general idea).

The ring wraiths tried to follow him across the river, it flooded in the shape of what was possibly the whole of the elvish cavalry, and they were all swept downstream. The flood was really quite impressive, I was afraid for a moment that it was going to take us with it, but it didnít so Aragorn still needs a shower.

Anyway, we went across ourselves when the flood subsided and Aragorn picked up Frodo. I almost felt sorry for the little hobbit, I would have too if Strider had made him walkÖ Glorfindel pointed out Rivendell to us when we had reached the top of the cliff. "Wow!" I said, "so when are we gonna get there?"

"Weíll be there soon it isnít anymore than an hourís walk away now." He told me.

"Only an hour?" I exclaimed, "thatís not soon!"

"Youíve been travelling here for over a week and you think one hour is a long time?" Aragorn asked with disbelief.

"Of course I think an hour is a long time! Katy, you think an hour is a long time, donít you?"

"Well, it depends, an hour in the car is a long time, but an hour long movie is shortÖ" Katy replied.

"What is a car?" Asked Pippin.

"And what is a movie?" Merry asked.

Ignoring them, I said to Katy, "I donít care how long it is in those circumstances, but itís a long time WALKING, right?"

"Walking? Yep, an hour is a long time to walk." Katy confirmed.

Content that I was right, we walked in silence for nearly a half hour, then, "Are we there yet?" I asked getting impatient.

"No, we will be there shortly." Glorfindel sighed.

"Thatís what you said an hour ago!" I whined.

"It has not been an hour already." Glorfindel told me.

"Iíll bet." I retorted under my breath.

About ten minutes later Katy asked, "How much longer now?"

"Nearly half an hour more." Glorfindel told Katy, "just be patient."

"Sure, easy for you to say," I said, "youíre immortal, youíve got all the time in the world! Weíve only got the next seventy years or so."

"It is not going to take seventy years to get there. Iíll tell you when we arrive, so please stop asking me." Glorfindel said.

"Are we there yet?" I asked barely five minutes later, the hobbits groaned, and Glorfindel gave me an annoyed look and was about to say something when I cut him off adding: "I wasnít asking you. I was asking Strider."

"We are not there yet." was all Aragorn said, we couldnít bother him now that he was less than ten minutes away from seeing his love.

When we finally arrived at Rivendell we were greeted by Elrond as well as some other elves and they rushed Frodo off somewhere. We didnít follow, but Aragorn, Sam and Glorfindel did.

"Rachel! Katy!" a familiar voice cried (this time itís literal, the voice was loud enough to deafen a scarecrow).

We looked up to see who it was that knew our names in this place, then immediately looked for somewhere too hide. It was too late, soon Stacey had us engulfed in a horrifying hug! Ack! Gasp! Of all the sacred things, a HUG!

We were eventually released from her death grip gasping for air, and to our frustration Merry and Pippin were doubled over in laughter at our plight (they think an evil of this kind is hilarious, stupid hobbits). Of course, it may have had something to do with that Katyís face looked almost as afraid as when we had that nasty run in at Weathertop, I have since been informed that my face lacked any and all of itís previous color as well.

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