M.E. Chapter 60: Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal.

The rest of our trip along the River went well, besides the well-deserved complaints given by me and Katy. Oh, and that water war we had with Merry and Pippin, Boromir was kind of upset because even though he wasnít taking part he got the wettest. And then there was the time we flipped Legolas and Gimliís boat, they were kind of mad about that. But it was still a fairly good trip and now we had gone as far as Amon Hen and could go no further without making a crucial decision.

"It is now time for us to decide, we can no longer put it off." Aragorn declared as we sat for camp that day.

"Should we have chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies?" I asked.

Aragorn glared at me while Katy and Pippin snickered, "Do we take the straight path to Modor, or do we take some other path?" He asked.

"I will follow you wherever you lead us, Aragorn." Legolas said seriously.

"I cannot make this decision." Aragorn argued, "Let Frodo decide."

"Frodo?!" I exclaimed, "You want Frodo to decide? Heís half crazy with-" I was cut off by Legolas clamping his hand over my mouth.

"Yes, Frodo. Which way do you wish to go?" Legolas asked.

Frodo looked pained at the decision that was placed before himÖ Or maybe he was just constipated. Either way he eventually responded, "Can I ask for an hour for myself to think about this?"

"It is a lot of weight for us to put on you." Aragorn admitted, "Go, Frodo. But do not wander far; do not go out of callís range."

Frodo nodded before wandering into the woods. As the Fellowship discussed what their thoughts on the next move should be I intently kept my eyes on Boromir. A short time later he left into the woods as well. I smirked to myself knowing I was the only one who noticed.

"Why hasnít Mister Frodo returned yet, Strider?" Sam asked when they were through with their discussion.

Aragorn glanced around uninterestedly, "It is a great decision, Samwise." He told Sam softly.

"And where has Boromir gone off to?" Merry asked.

Aragorn looked around again seeing Boromir was gone as well, "This does not bode well with me." He admitted.

"Frodo!" Pippin called into the woods, "Iíll go find him." He informed us, before running into the woods.

"Pip!" Merry called, running after his cousin.

"We should stay together!" Aragorn called after them, then noticing Boromir had just returned, he turned to him, "Did you see Frodo?" He asked.

"Yes, and no." Boromir answered, a tinge of remorse in his voice, "I saw him, nigh a half-hour agoÖ But then he disappeared." He admitted.

Aragorn looked at Boromir suspiciously but let it slide for now as there were more important things on his mind, "Can I trust you to go protect those two little hobbits?" He asked, indicating in the direction Merry and Pippin had just run.

Boromir nodded and ran in that direction, trying to find the two wayward trouble-makers.

"Come, Gimli," Legolas said to his short friend, "Let us search over here." The dwarf and the elf ran off in the opposite direction together.

"Sam!" Aragorn called to the hobbit who had been nearing the woods since he found out Frodo was missing, "Come with me!" Aragorn ran off in another direction, the hobbit scurrying after him.

"Should we help look?" Katy asked.

"Nah." I replied, "Donít know about you, but I could use a short nap. Couldnít get any rest earlier with all their debating going on."

Katy agreed and we settled down near the trees, where we hopefully wouldnít be in the way when Sam and Frodo made off later.

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