M.E. chapter 9: In the Armory… Or Lots of Pointy Objects!

"Heheheheh…" I laughed with a wide, evil grin on my face, "Look at all the shiny swords!" I finished, amazingly keeping the smile on my face while I said this.

And I wasn’t the only one enjoying myself, Katy had found some nice big swords too, and so had Stacey. The hobbits were in awe for all of a minute, I think, then they got bored. "Can we go finish exploring?" Pippin asked. I gave him an astonished look.

"Leave? Now? Why, are you sick?" I blinked, bewildered as to why they would want to leave such a perfect place.

"They’re just swords…" Merry grumbled.

"JUST SWORDS!?" I exploded, "And I suppose the Great Wall of China is just a wall, and the Titanic was just a boat, and Orodruin is just a rock!?"

Pippin and Merry looked at me, confused and a bit scared. "Um… Why don’t you just stay here, and meet us back in the pantry later?" Merry suggested as he and Pippin crept to the door.

Soon an elf came in, "What are you doing in here?" He asked us, "This place is off limits."

I looked up at him with a mixture of shock and pain in my eyes, "You want us to leave? Already? But we just got here!"

"I’m sorry, but it is off limits…" The elf explained again.

Katy and Stacey were making to leave, "Can’t we just look?" I pleaded, "I won’t touch anything…"

The elf sighed, "Alright," he finally gave in, "you can stay a little while longer."

"Yay!" I jumped for joy (well, sort of; I even thought about hugging him but decided against it), "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

He was beside himself as I went back to admiring all the pointy objects.

Some time later both Stacey and Katy had tired of looking at swords when they weren’t even allowed to touch them. "Rachel come on let’s go look at the rest of this place." Katy begged me for what seemed like the hundredth time.

"Already? But there are still many swords left to admire…" I murmured, entranced by the objects around me.

"You’ve been looking at swords for the last three hours!" Stacey moaned, "They’re not all going to magically transform or something."

"And it’s getting REALLY boring." Katy added.

"So go." I said barely listening.

"This can’t be healthy." Katy said to Stacey.

"I guess it’s up to us to get her out of here, then." Stacey said, quickly explaining a plan to Katy in a low voice so I wouldn’t hear.

Before they were to put their scheme into action however, Merry and Pippin walked through the doorway, "You’re STILL here?" Pippin asked.

"Elrond is looking for you." Merry stated.

"Hear that, Rachel?" Katy asked, "Elrond is looking for us, we’d better go."

"Tell him I’ll be there in a minute." I said, again not paying attention.

They rolled their eyes and Stacey and her both grabbed an arm and began forcefully dragging me out of the room. I struggled of course, who in their right mind could actually tire of admiring swords? Once I found it was hopeless, and we were already down the hall, I stopped and went willingly.

My captors thought it safe to let me walk on my own now, but no sooner had they released me than I dashed back down the hall and into the armory. They groaned and asked the hobbits to show them where Elrond was.

About twenty minutes later, my train of thought was rudely interrupted once again. The voice was familiar and soon I was jarred back to reality, "Lady Rachel, lord Elrond requests your presence."

"In a minute, Aragorn, can’t you see I’m busy?" I replied, irritated with his intrusion.

"If you come now, you can hold my sword…" Aragorn told me hesitantly.

I stopped a moment, thinking… I could look at hundreds of swords, or hold one. I looked up to see several Elves, Aragorn, Katy, Stacey, Merry, Pippin, and Gandalf all looking at me worriedly.

"Your friends say you have been here for almost four hours." Gandalf said, "Will you at least come to get something to eat?"

"I don’t need food," I told them, going back to my swords, "not here."

They didn’t know what to do and Gandalf told the others he thought I had been afflicted with some spell. Katy told him that no, I was just being Rachel. They had to find something I would like more than looking at swords.

"I don’t suppose you guys have a Playstation 2 anywhere around here?" Katy asked doubtfully.

"No…" one of the elves replied unsurely

"I know," Aragorn said, "Would you like to hold Narsil, Rachel?" he asked.

I looked up excitedly and for a moment they thought it had worked. Then I saw Gandalf, and noticed that he too had his sword with him. My eyes immediately fixed on it’s hilt.

Gandalf looked around nervously, "What is she looking at?" He asked Katy.

"I think she likes your sword." Katy replied.

"Oh…" Gandalf said, and then reluctantly told me, "If you go to meet with Elrond… You can hold my sword…"

"Really?!" I exclaimed hardly believing what I had just heard, "I can hold Glamdring?! Promise? Cool!" I then ran out the door so quickly that everyone else just stood there dumbfounded for a moment.

By the time they had recollected themselves, I came running back to the doorway, "Where is Elrond, by the way?" I asked. They all laughed at me, and we headed there together.

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