M.E. Random Interlude #1: The M.E. Radio Drama

This is an actual interview between the staff at USA Today and the actors who played Rachel, Katy, Stacey and Sam in the new radio play M.E. which is due to release sometime next year, USA Today wanted to get a glimpse into the people behind the popular new names. Due to security measures, USA Today was not able to release the names of the actors at this point in time.

USAT: "So, you are playing the voiceovers of Rachel, Katy, Stacey and Sam in the radio play M.E.? How long ago did you start recording for this?"

R: "Actually, we started recordingÖ When was itÖ"

Sam: "About a month ago."

R: "Yeah, a monthÖ Actually, that was when we first started production. We received our scripts about three two weeks ago and our first recording session was three or four days after that."

USAT: "Have any of you ever been in radio dramas before?"

K: "Yeah, I was in Where the Cat Goes, I played Haley."

S: "That was you? I thought you sounded familiar."

K: "Yeah, it was a pretty big thing."

Sam: "I was also in The Spiderís Eggs. Actually, I played one of the stars, Mr. Eddings."

USAT: "So compared to previous experiences, would you say this is a lot more work or is if just fun for you?"

R: "Oh, Iíd say itís just fun. So many of the lines are written in such an appealing way, theyíre just fun to say."

Sam: "Yeah, I completely agree with _______ on this part, Sam is a lot of fun to play. Iím just honored to be included in this project."

USAT: "In the script, Rachel and Sam have some conflict thatís quite evident throughout the entire story. Is that the same for you in real life, or no?"

Sam: "No, no I donít think so."

R: "Yeah, we get along pretty well in real life."

S: "Pretty well? Ever since the project started you two have been best friends practically!"

K: "Yeah, really. Like there was this one time when Sam was going to this-"

Sam: "I donít think we need to tell that story nowÖ"

K: "But itís funny! People will love it."

R: "The man said donít tell the story! Ö It is funny thoughÖ"

USAT: "What would you say has been the hardest part so far?"

S: "I would say it has to be the how unprepared the studio and producer have been so far. Itís like the entire thing was set up by a twelve year old."

K: "Yeah, I think even my brother could have done a better job setting this up."

USAT: "What do you enjoy most about your particular parts or characters?"

K: "I think the parts I enjoy the most are when Katyís clueless about the situation and Rachel is trying to make something clear to her without announcing it to everyone around them. Also, just her character, how sheís always trying to have fun."

R: "Yeah, I have to agree the clueless Katy parts are pretty fun. The most enjoyable thing about playing Rachel is that she knows whatís going on, you can just tell throughout the story that she really wants to say something to give away whatís going to happen to the Fellowship, but she canít because she loves the story and characters so much."

S: "Yeah, that would be hard, especially whenÖ Anyway, I like how my character can get under Rachelís skin so much. She really enjoys antagonizing Rachel, spiking the punch, hugging her, anything to bug her really. And yet their relationship seems to grow somehow throughout the story."

Sam: "I also enjoy the parts where Sam and Rachel argue. Like when theyíre arguing about whether wearing pants is a tradition for Rachel, and how heís constantly trying to keep her away from Frodo like sheís got some kind of infection or something."

USAT: "And the question weíve all been waiting for, can you give a more precise release date for your fans eagerly awaiting the M.E. Radio Drama?"

R: "Actually, we can."

K: "Theyíve set up a date for the first broadcasting, and itís pretty solid."

S: "Theyíre planning the release for late January, 2004."

USAT: "Wow, that soon?"

S: "Yup!"

R: "I thought they said early February."

K: "I thought it wasnít going to be released until MayÖ"

Sam: "No, it was in March!"

R: "February!"

Sam: "March!"

USAT: "Okay, so sometime early next year. Can you tell us what station this will be broadcasting on?"

R: "Of course we can, itís not like itís a secret or anything."

K: "Yeah, and itís a real radio station too, because this isnít some kind of hoax."

S: "Yep, this is the real deal, M.E. is coming to radio!"

R: "Who knows, maybe weíll end up on TV sometime too!"

Sam: "Or in a movie!"

USAT: "Thatís nice, so what is the station?"

R: "Itís a real easy number to remember,"

Sorry, but thatís all the room we have for today. A continuation may be printed in the future, but until then keep your eyes and ears open for M.E. the radio dramatization. And remember, you heard it first here, at USA Today!

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