M.E. Characters

Rachel: The main character of this story, most of the chapters are told through her perspective. She is a teenage girl from earth who "accidentally" transports her and her friends to Middle Earth in the middle of Physics class. She is quite smart except when drunk in which case has been known to do many foolish things.

Katy: One of Rachelís friends. She follows Rachel around a lot possibly because she believes Rachel knows what sheís doing all the time. Also has been known to contradict or mess up Rachelís plans.

Stacey: Another of Rachelís friends. Or possibly Rachelís arch enemy. Itís hard to tell sometimes. She is overly happy most of the time and tends to hug Rachel and Katy. A lot. Theories state this is possibly due to the reactions she receives from them.

Pippin: One of Tolkienís little hobbits. He is the youngest and very curious and gullible. He believes most anything Rachel and Katy tell him and is always interested in hearing more about their world.

Merry: Another of Tolkienís little hobbits. He is Pippinís best friend but he also tries to keep the younger hobbit under control. Sometimes. Other times he and Pippin become as partners in crime thus their reputation for trouble makers.

Aragorn: He is a Ranger from Middle Earth, another of Tolkienís creations. He leads the Fellowship through part of the story and basically likes to ruin Rachel and Katyís fun while trying to lose them at every city they stop at. When will he learn it is not that easy to get rid of persistent teenager girls?

Legolas: One of Tolkienís elves. Legolas likes having fun but does his best to be a "role model" for the others like Aragorn tells him he should. Chances are if Aragorn isnít looking he will be found causing havoc with the hobbits and their teenage friends as well.

Boromir: A.K.A. Pincushion. He is heir to the Stewardship of Gondor. Another of Tolkienís characters, he enjoys fighting and valor being a very honorable warrior himself. He takes it upon himself to watch after "the little ones," the hobbits Merry and Pippin.

Sam: Another of Tolkienís hobbits. He doesnít much like the teenage girls, he doesnít trust them and does not enjoy their company. He is very caring for Mr. Frodo though.

Frodo: The last of Tolkienís hobbits to embark on the Quest. He is the Ring bearer, a very important character in Tolkienís The Lord of the Rings, but not incredibly major in this story. Heís on the quiet side usually and is easily embarrassed.

Gandalf: One of Tolkienís Istari, or a wizard one would call him. He leads the Fellowship through most of the story and although he doesnít seem to like the idea of the girls following them he doesnít seem too incredibly adamant about getting rid of them either.

Gimli: The final major character in the story, Gimli is also one of Tolkienís characters, a dwarf. He is usually amused by the girls and doesnít seem to mind them being around too much. He and Legolas often times get in arguments about elves and dwarves.

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