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A product I'm checking out, Network Monitoring by Power Admin , which may help me monitor a video server at school, to more quickly find if it has stopped serving.

The PC Inspector.

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Newspaper References

Knight-Ridder Information

Saint Paul Pioneer Press

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Several area local papers, including the Anoka County Union, Coon Rapids Herold, etc.

Search Engines



School Resources

U.S. Department of Education

Minnesota Department of Children, Families and Learning

Minnesota Tools of Democracy

Anoka-Hennepin Districtwide Information

Charter School Researching

Bond Financing information for Charter Schools.

The Universal Service Administrative Company (the "e-rate" agency).

Government and Agencies

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet

IRS - The Digital Daily


North Star Main Menu

Minnesota Department of Revenue

Minnesota State Legislature -- Minnesota Statutes and Minnesota Session Laws

Computer Resources

BootDisk Project


Microsoft Corporation

IBM Personal Computer file library

Links to other AV Sites


FTP iomega

Processors and PCs

BBS Networks and Software


Directory of /fidonet/fido-history

Welcome to fido.net

Fidonet History Project*

TV/Radio References


Non-Profit Stuff

The Non-Profit Resource Center

Internet NonProfit Center--Information About Charity and Charities


Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Gotham Gallery

"Weird Al" Yankovic

Internet Resources

The Access Minnesota Project

NCSA Software Development Group PC Products

RIT - EASI Web - Other Internet Resources

Directorate of Time

RealAudio Homepage

Disability References


** The University of Kansas, SPED ON-LINE **

The Arc, a national organization on mental retardation

Wrights Law & The Special Ed Advocate


VSL: Archive Search Form

Welcome to Serif!

The Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Inc. (Minn-StF)

Guide page: "The Gathering"

Lurker's Guide Index

Star Trek: WWW - World Wide Web section (Games)

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Welcome to ZD Net

Special Deals for PC User Group Members

FutureNet - Index page

Java: Programming for the Internet

MPR Online


TCFN - K12 Schools

Welcome to the Parsons ClubHouse

PioneerPlanet - Entertainment - Movies

PioneerPlanet - News Library

Patriot's WWW Page

Tom's Conservative Side to the World Wide Web

Reveal Computer Products


Seagate Technology Home Page

Don Knuth's Home Page

Data Fellows World Wide Web Server

Internet Multicasting Service

GreenDisk Home Page

GRN Reference Library

University of Minnesota Publications and Policies

Charles Babbage Institute

Saved Treasure Island

http://www.coriolis.com, the Coriolis Group Web Site, appears to have gone away. Jeff Duntemann edited and published magazines for Borland, etc, leading to a small publishing effort in Scottsdale, AZ, and Visual Developer ,agazine (www.Visual-Developer.com).

Twin Cities Free-Net Main Menu - Linking the people of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and neighboring Minnesota communities

PC Magazine Online -- Downloads (PC Tech Archives -- 1996)


Download BeyondMail

The Reference Department

PCTV Temporary Hello

ZD Net

Free Software

MCN Index

U.S. Copyright Law

Invisible Software 6/25

Pioneer Planet - Education