Biting the Bullet

Chapter 1: Bewilderment - The gods must be playing games with her, because when Lark woke up she wasn't where she was supposed to be.

Chapter 2: Working it out - Despite the trying beginning, Lark tries to make sense of her new life as well as she can manage... but is she losing her true self by trying to fit in here?

Chapter 3: Testing Reality - After a frightening turn of events, Lark begins to realize that she does not belong in this alternate world and must get home as soon as possible. The difficult part might be convincing her friends she's not the Raven they grew up with.

Chapter 4: Question and Answer - As though in response to her self-imposed mission, complicated relationships begin to form and studying and testing threaten to overwhelm Lark.

Chapter 5: The Truth is Out There - After being given a second chance at life, Lark decides it's time to step up her search for the way home... even if it means she has to go alone.

Chapter 6: On the Road Again - Lark learns that some things, like friendship, may transcend even the divides of worlds. With her friends along side her, will she finally find her way home?

Chapter 7: Xenophobia - Coming soon!

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