Cursed Fruit

Prologue - An ancient evil is awake, and an entire town has been wiped off the map.

Chapter 1 - Detective Jonathen Drowe takes in a young runaway he finds by the river.

Chapter 2 - Jon's medical leave is cut off early when a gruesome murder takes place near the edge of town.

Chapter 3 - Concerned about Banan's state of mind, Jon takes the young boy to see a psychologist and wonders why he can't feel safe in his own house.

Chapter 4 - The murder count keeps climbing and Jon's out of leads. Banan tells him an ancient riddle.

Chapter 5 - Another murder case with a surprising twist; this one has a survivor. Jon begins to piece the clues together and is disturbed by the solution he's forced to accept.

Chapter 6 - Jon confronts the monster that's been sweeping through his town like a plague. How can he stop Death itself?

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