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Chapter 1 "Boba Fett" or "Cranky Drivers"
This is the chapter in which two very unlikely people deside to become evil masterminds and take over the world.

Chapter 2 "The Illustrious Goat-Cheese Master" or "Convenient Thunder"
The plottting has begun, the next step has been decided, the evil laughter needs a little work!

Chapter 3 "Ilga for Short" or "The 'Stop' button"
Due to pressing circumstances, the Illustrious Goat-Cheese Master has taken upon herself a shorter name: Ilga. What else could an evil side-kick possibley need?

Chapter 4 "3,129,846 Results" or "To the Rachelmobile!"
Evil partners in crime finally get their act together and begin to plot their first of many notoriously evil plans...

Chapter 5 "Camel Dung" or "The Backup Plan"
After a few minor setbacks at the zoo, our heros... Er, anti-heros, triumph over unimaginable odds!

Chapter 6 "The Glove Compartment" or "Large Semicircles"
A quick trip to Duluth and our partners soon arrive back at the batcave--er, Rachel's house... But that's only if they can survive a "Destruction Derby".

Chapter 7 "Bad Hearing" or "Mutiny"
Rachel and Katy have finally begun the drafting of the minions... only problem is, said minions are a bit, er, annoyed with our evil mastermind's techniques.

Chapter 8 "The Rear-View Mirror" or "How are you Still Alive?"
You guessed it, our trio is on the road again, heading to the next unfortunate victem's--er, I mean the next propective minion's--house. They run into the obvious trouble when it comes to dealing with other humans controling cars.

Chapter 9 "Brilliant Entrances" or "Utensils of Justice"
*NEW* The chapter in which our trio becomes no longer a trio. That's right, we've managed to recruit another minion! Although it is no longer early so help isn't as cheap to come by.

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