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Characters A list up of all the characters (or at least most of them) featured in this story.

Chapter 1 To Qoute or Not to Quote. This first chapter starts out in Physics and winds up... In a forest? How that happened you'll have to read to find out. What will become of it? I know, but I'm not telling you!

Chapter 2 A Fire in the Marsh. This is the second installment, it is in this chapter that our two brave and inspiring favorite people (Rachel and Katy) meet some other important and inspiring people!

Chapter 3 A Very Boring Journey. This is the tedius beginning of our heroes' (Rachel and Katy's) courageous and heart-felt journey.

Chapter 4 Weathertop. The title says it all. This is the part of the journey which coinsides with the well known event occuring on the mount called 'Weathertop'. Let's hope our beloved Rachel and Katy survive.

Chapter 5 Sam? Or Strider? Yay! We survived! We reached Bilbo's trolls today. But Strider's playing favorites again. He's letting Frodo ride the pony.

Chapter 6 Ack, Hugs! Glorfindel rescues our beloved duo from the clutches of the evil slave-driving ranger... Only to lead us to a far more feared danger, and it lies in... Rivendell!

Chapter 7 What's Spock Doing Here? Katy and Rachel, our friendly neighborhood heroes finally meet elves! Oh, and Stacey's there too.

Chapter 8 Waffles! The elves asked us what we wanted for breakfast, what else were we to say?

Chapter 9 In the Armory. Or Lots of Pointy Objects! Thanks to the Almighty Rachel's wonderful sense of direction, the three misfits (and Rachel and Katy) wind up in the armory. Will they ever get Rachel away from this blessed room of pointy objects?

Chapter 10 Gandalf Runs Away. Elrond gets a migrane trying to make sense of what we're telling him about where we come from...

Chapter 11 The Hobbits Help Make Punch. When the hobbits and Stacey help make the punch, will the elves survive?

Chapter 12 Of Elrond... Or Was That Aragorn? What kind of trouble can a bunch of drunk maidens get into? The elves found out the hard way.

Chapter 13 The British Are Coming! Why is Aragorn mad at me? Another tale of drunken maidens, will this madness ever end?

Chapter 14 Dreams and Disappointments. Stacey dies? Strangely, there is no blood at the scene... Any of the times. What could this mean?

Chapter 15 No one Ever Tells me Anything. Meet Legolas! The first encounter could have been worse though Legolas nearly suffers from a heart attack.

Chapter 16 Traditions. Sam doesn't think we dress lady-like, but who cares what Sam thinks? Elrond likes me more!

Chapter 17 THE Council. Should we go to the Council? You know, the SECRET council? ELROND'S secret council?

Chapter 18 To Follow or Not to Follow. We go to the coucnil! Only it's not that great. So, should we follow the Fellowship or not?

Chapter 19 The Fellowship Heads Off. The Fellowship is leaving Rivendell, how will we manage to go with?

Chapter 20 Boromir's Sword. Things did not go well during our first reunion with the Fellowship, yet some friendships are yet to be made.

Chapter 21 A Snowball Fight on Caradhras. I think the title says it all!

Chapter 22 Gandalf's Fireworks. What happens when Gandalf utilizes the age old spell 'Now an elephant, amen'? Things really start to heat up!

Chapter 23 Of Elves and Dwarves. This is the chapter wherein we discover the doors of Moria. But when patience runs low, Gimli and Legolas have a rather uncivilized conversation.

Chapter 24 See Sea Monster. The good news is we've safely entered Moria... The bad news is we're out of paper! Oh no!

Chapter 25 And Everybody Died! Except for Gimli. Okay, so maybe everyone DOESN'T die... But someone does! ... Or someone is at least found out to be dead...

Chapter 26 Aragorn Turns an Odd Shade of Red. This is what happens when you REALLY make a Ranger angry!

Chapter 27 The Sacred Art of Physics. What happens when our two beloved and brilliant heroines are threatened? They make something bogus up on the spot...

Chapter 28 The Famed Rope Trees. While in the outskirts of the wood of Lothlorien, Katy and Rachel find something rather unexpected.

Chapter 29 Concerning Hobbits. Sound familiar? Only this time it has nothing to do with Bilbo's book, but rather another argument between Rachel and Sam.

Chapter 30 Perfect Elf Balance. There go the elves, showing off their superior sense of balance, but don't worry Aragorn will beat some sense into them.

Chapter 31 Elf #32. Here's a chapter for all those Stacey fans out there... Well, even if there aren't a whole lot, here it is anyway. What has poor Elrond had to put up with these months we've been away?

Chapter 32 Pin the Ear on the Elf. We have now officially passed into the Golden Realm of the Lady, bring on the blindfolds.

Chapter 33 Merry is Ignored a lot. Merry has been correcting people an aweful lot lately, so we've chosen the most logical vantage, to ignore him.

Chapter 34 The Long Way. And you thought it was a long way to the grocery store, well at least it doesn't take EIGHT HOURS to get there! Haldir's threat was anything BUT funny.

Chapter 35 BERRIES! The blindfolds have been removed (finally!) and what's the first thing we see but a large bush full of plump berries.

Chapter 36 Of Aragorn's Tendencies. Katy, Pippin and Rachel are arguing about how annoying our friendly neighborhood ranger can be. A process that can easily grind on the nerves of our poor dwarf friend... Or anyone after a sufficient amount of time.

Chapter 37 Teenagers and Walking Songs. Oh horror of horrors! This chapter is longer and more terrifying the most. If you are weak of heart, pregnant, or sick... Don't say I didn't warn you!

Chapter 38 Stones. No, it has nothing to do with drugs... Just a little gambling problem that has been getting slowly out of hand.

Chapter 39 The Southern Gate. This chapter has been co-authored by a very dear little hobbit friend of mine, and I just thought I'd give her credit here... Actually I can't seem to recall her name at the moment... JK! Thanks for the good ideas Katy!

Chapter 40 Skipping Breakfast. This chapter shows just how mean some members of the Fellowship are *cough*Aragorn*Legolas*cough*... Okay, that was obvious.

Chapter 41 Pippin's All Choked up. And Merry's trying CPR, most unsuccesfully I might add.

Chapter 42 Lost... Again. We seem to get lost a lot in this story, but what can I say? Elven cities are very large!

Chapter 43 Master Lerialion. Great chapter. For once I've found someone who's not mean to me! And Haldir's back. Again. He's almost a primary character in this fic!

Chapter 44 Child Games. Pippin, Stacey and Rachel decide to play a popular children's game. Join them as they convince many others to join in their fun.

Chapter 45 Apples. More dares, and they keep getting better and better, plus a new game companion.

Chapter 46 The Wrath of a Ranger. What happens when our beloved ranger is angered by his companions' childish antics? Will our companions be able to survive?

Chapter 47 Seperated. Our heros have survived the initial lecturing of the way too serious ranger, but will they be able to survive his punishment alone...

Chapter 48 Bored. That's right, we're bored again. Aragorn finally realizes the folly of his ways as he learns just how annoying young maidens from the 21st century can be.

Chapter 49 The Deblock Bird. We spend a little more time with Rumil and we run into something quite interesting. Meanwhile Aragorn will be very happy to be rid of his current company.

Chapter 50 Lothlorien. This chapter basically sums up the rest of our time in Lothlorien and we will soon be out of the woods and possibley onto the river.

Chapter 51 Of Cloaks. Our time in Lothlorien is growing short, preperations for leaving must be made.

Chapter 52 Missed Opportunities. The Fellowship is leaving, but will Katy and Rachel be able to pull off their plan?

Chapter 53 Boats. Ships and Other Water Vessals. Katy and Rachel have been left behind! They must now redesign their whole plan! Will they be able to get to their boat?

Chapter 54 Capsized. The chapter wherin Katy and Rachel learn that being stuck in audle of a large river, alone, together, has it's drawbacks.

Chapter 55 A Night on the Anduin. Katy and Rachel still haven't caught up with the Fellowship and their first night on the Anduin doesn't go well.

Chapter 55 RoB. Let's just say an old character is thrown back into the mix but will she(?) be recognized in time?

Chapter 57 Boating with Pincushion. As the title implies (if you kind of read into it), Katy and Rachel have finally caught up with the Fellowship. Some members seem less than thrilled...

Chapter 58 Sarn Gebir. The Fellowship has run into the rapids unexpectedly early. Not only that but orcs have caught wind of their presence! The Anduin is running out and it seems the walking eight's is as well.

Chapter 59 Through Thick Fog. A thick fog sets over the River that night, and lasts far into the morning. Aragorn and Legolas abandon the Fellowship, what havoc will Katy and Rachel cause while they are gone?

Chapter 60 Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal. AKA "The Breaking of the Fellowship". We have reached Amon Hen, will everything go as planned or will our "heros" interfere?

And here ends the first part of the history of the War of the Ring, all the secrets that Tolkien forgot to mention included herein. The second part will be coming soon and is called "M.E. Part II"... Oh how original. But wait, there's more! For your veiwing pleasure we have another treat for ya'all!

Random Interlude #1 The M.E. Radio Drama. A radio drama is in production based on this very story, here is a nice little interview between the staff of USA Today and some of the main characters in the radio drama. Keep tuned in for more information on M.E. the Radio Drama.

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