I don't have as much practice writing original fiction as I do fanfiction, but I enjoy creating new characters and storylines. I'm working on improving my original stories, so any comments you have are useful.

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Original Fiction

The Paelenor - Adventure - Rated T - Five children have been chosen to save a world that is falling apart, but how can they save anything when they can barely even stand each other? Also, here are some short stories that relate to this story, based off of a list of prompts I received.

Cursed Fruit - Horror/Suspense - Rated T for violence and death - Jonathen Drowe is a detective. When he finds a boy named Banan by the river, he finds more trouble than he ever could have imagined. I wanted to try my hand at writing horror... but it just came out as creepy.

Stones - Fantasy/Drama - Rated T - This is the story of the boy who was previously known as Victor Trump. From a small town in Arizona, Victor didn't have any idea that a small stone would end up starting all kinds of trouble for him. Very much an experimental story.

A Day in the Retirement of Me - Humor - Rated K - Our story begins in the small, picturesque town of Anoka. A teenage girl has volunteered to help the community and becomes the friend of one of the elderly women residing therein... Everything gets crazy from there. It turns out Old Lady Rachel is a violent sociopath who hates Jell-o, Old Lady Katy has forgotten to tighten a few screws, and Old Lady Stacey just doesn't know what's going on! Just a fun story; fans of M.E. and E.M. will probably enjoy this, too.

Evil Mastermind - Humor - Rated K+ - The only reason there are no superheroes in the world is that there are no supervillains for them to defeat. Two teenage girls make the harrowing decision to fill that void. Unfortunately, becoming an evil mastermind is easier said than done.

Black and White - Family/Angst/Fantasy - Rated T for violence - The story of three brothers with an extremely dysfunctional relationship and a very special gift that they have not yet discovered. Although the brothers are not always close, their bonds are strong. When one brother crosses the line, will the others stand with him or against him? Coming soon! (In the process of being rewritten.)

In the Darkness - Fantasy/General - Rated T for violence - Fleeing from the Darkness after his town has been destroyed, a young boy is helped by a group of men surviving deep in the conquered territories. The characters are a lot of fun and the story is a mixture of humor and angst.

Original Poetry

Winterstrife - Written December 4, 2003, when I first adopted the 'winterstrife' handle.

The Gravedigger's Song - Written in June 2004.

Alone and in Peace - Written March 21, 2004.

In the Wake - Written because my other poems were kind of dark.

Cold Days - Written April 25, 2005. My obligatory college Haiku.

Ode to the Moon (1-3) - Written February 21-22, 2005. Inspired by coming home from karate and seeing the moon...

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