The Paelenor

Story Synopsis

Five children have been chosen to save a world from falling apart. They all come from a variety of different backgrounds, and even different countries. The only thing that any of them have in common is that they've been granted passage from their world to another. They have become Paelenair. They discover abilities they never had before, including the ability to form a partnership with a specific type of animal and communicate plainly with it. Although they begin their adventure ignorant to their destinies, they are soon thrust into a battle against evil forces.


Mies Hein Dedrick
Age: 17 years old
Nationality: Dutch
Affiliation: Turtles
Partner: Gallapas
Description: Mies lives with his parents in an old Dutch community and is in his junior year at a nearby university, which he won a scholarship to when he was only fifteen. Mies is heralded a genius by his teachers and his family encourages him to leave the safety of his home and make a name for himself. Mies has one younger brother, Alfons, although his younger cousins are often over since his uncle lives in the same town. Mies is a polite, intelligent boy who wants to improve the standard of living for the people around him. Particularly, for his family, although he's compassionate and will try to help anyone he sees in need.

Janelle Nasha Swaren
Age: 15 years old
Nationality: British
Affiliation: Mice
Partner: Shiba
Description: Janelle is the eldest of two children living in a bustling city in Great Britain. She has a younger brother, Leo, who she considers an annoying brat. Janelle most enjoys going out with her friends; shopping and to the movies, mostly. Janelle is a fairly typical high school girl, who hates studying and isn't too interested in the world outside of her globe of friends.

Rester Aaron Falmly
Age: 14 years old
Nationality: American
Affiliation: Prairie dogs
Partner: Ggarcsh
Description: Rester lives with his mother and step-father, Michael, in South Dakota. He's a slacker in school and would choose playing video games over homework anyday. Most days he does. He resents Michael, and his mother, for her relationship with Michael, because he doesn't really want another dad. Rester doesn't really care one way or another what's going on around him or what the future might hold.

Sigmund Fritz Kaiser Age: 13 years old
Nationality: German
Affiliation: Sparrows
Description: Sigmund lives in Germany with his father and his mother, who is of failing health. He is unhappy at home and has turned to street gangs to find a place to belong. Sigmund has a bad history of drug abuse and violence even though he's only thirteen. He's rude to people around him and doesn't seem to care if he hurts someone. He's pretty much angry with the world.

Sanosuke Takara
Age: 11 years old
Nationality: Japanese
Affiliation: Bats
Partner: Hyassh
Description: The youngest of the group, Takara has spent the majority of her childhood growing up in an orphanage in Japan. She's an active girl, and prefers playing sports outside with the boys than learning to cook or doing other 'girl' things. Takara has an opptomistic personality and enjoys making friends. She's also very observent and quick to pick up on others' feelings.

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