Another Day in the Retirement of Me!

Episode 1: A Day in the Retirement of Me - Sonita Falquist had no idea what she was getting herself into when she volunteered at the Anoka County Retirement House.

Episode 2: Another Day in the Retirement of Me - Relics of the past are unearthed and secrets abound in the retirement house this episode.

Episode 3: A Day on the Town (Part I) - After making the mistake of suggesting they go out, Sonita will have the time of her life trying to round up the three senile old women.

Episode 4: A Day on the Town (Part II) - Police, bus drivers, and out of control wheelchairs. How did Rachel get a flamethrower in the first place?

Episode 5: Family Day (Part 1) - Family day can be a sad day when the grandkids don't visit... Sonita starts to feel a little sorry for Rachel--her mistake.

Episode 6: Family Day (Part 2) - It figures that a crazy old lady would produce equally crazy offspring; the insanity will probably leak down the line for generations.

Episode 7 - Coming soon!

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