-The completion of ME II plus another Random Interlude.
-One new chapter of MN (that I just wrote because I needed to have an update for that).
-Part 9 of In the Darkness.
-New icons: 3 Final Fantasy, 7 other, 2 Yu-Gi-Oh!

-The completion of ME II.
-New icons: 3 Final Fantasy, 4 other.

-Teaser for my new FF8 Story up (meaning, chapter one)
-About a million new chapters of ME II (7 in all)
-Important note for ME readers below...

-MN Chapter 4 up.
-EM Chapter 9 up.
-New icons: 9 Rurouni Kenshin, 14 Yu-Gi-Oh! (all on Anime page)

-MN Chapter 3 up.
-Two new EM chapters.
-New icons: 4 Kingdom Hearts, 4 Calvin and Hobbes, 7 Rurouni Kenshin (on anime icons page)

-Important announcement on the MEII page.
-MN chapters 1, 2 up.
-Visual explanation of updating policy here.
-New color scheme on most pages.
-In the Darkness Part 8 up.

-Chapters 11-15 of ME revamped.
-1 new chapter of Steward (I know, about time).
-New 'comic' page of In the Darkness added.
-1 new chapter of ME II.
-New icons: 2 ff, 10 kh, 2 other.

-Chapters 1-10 of ME revamped.
-New title page for ME 2 up! (On ME II page)
-1 new chapter of ME II added.
-New chapter of In the Darkness added.

-"Previous Updates" page added.
-2 new chapters of ME II.
-2 new chapters of In the Darkness.
-New icons: 2KH, 4FF, 1LotR.

-2 new chapters of ME.
-Picture for In the Darkness up (on ItD title page).
-1 new chapter of In the Darkness.
-New Icon page layout (tell me if you like!).
-New Icons: 1 PotC, 1 LotR, 4 Hornblower, 1 KH, 6 FF, 1 C&H, 2other.

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