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Links I've found useful with my writing... compiled for my convenience.

Prince of Tennis

Astrological Signs and the birthdates that go with them.

Chinese Zodiac years and information.

Blood types, what they say about personality according to Japanese theories.

Wikipedia. For useful info on just about anything.

Rhyming dictionary and thesaurus!

Calenders from 1886 to 2086. What dates correspond to what days?

Science Fiction writing pitfalls

Average Height/Weight for children ages 3 mo. to 13 years.

Literature from the past. Poems, fairy tales, and stories from old times. Interesting to add bits of them to stories sometimes.

Information on the Valar. (That is, the lesser "gods"/"powers" of Middle earth.)

Final Fantasy 8 Script for using excerts from the game in fanfiction.

Final Fantasy 7 Script along with links to other interesting FF7 tools including Jenova project timeline and materia listings.

Kingdrom Hearts Script never used it myself, but I may want to someday...

Hary Potter Lixicon for all things Harry Potter.

Reiki Tantei for all things Yuu Yuu Hakusho.

Quotations. A neat page where you can search for quotes, serious, motivational, or silly. Search randomly or search by author/subject.

Japanese Culture:

Go. Info on the Japanese boardgame "Go"... Kind of complicated to understand here.

Japanese Weapons. Brief explanations of what different weapons commonly used in Japanese martial arts are.

Kanji! Common Kanji Japanese kids might learn in school... I like to combine them into names because that seems like the kind of thing manga writers often do (who in their right mind names their kid 'kakashi-scarecrow' under any other method?)

Kanji converter. Great for translating from kanji to romanji (or kanji to hiragana and vice versa). Particularly useful in tandom with an online translator which translates English into Kanji.

Egyptian Culture:

Egyptian play and games. What the ancient Egyptians did for fun.

Egyptian board games and toys... Pretty self-explanatary, I think.

Egyptian daily life includes brief explanations of family roles, marriage, food/cooking, cosmetics, hair, jewelry, clothing, housing/furniture, entertainment, and government.

Egyptian culture. Links to a lot of information on different aspects of ancient Egyptian culture.

Egyptian Warfare. Info on warfare and the evolution thereof in Ancient Egypt. What kind of weapons they use, ranking systems, specific battles, etc.

Egyptian Amulets. Pictures and info on some Ancient Egyptian amulets.


Quenya. Sorted alphebetically by English word.

Quenya. Word document sorted alphebetically by English that gives citations where in the books the translation was found from.

Quenya. Sorted alphabetically by Quenya, also includes what book translation can be found in and some Sindarin, when different/known.

Tolkien Tongues. Includes Quenya, Sindarin, Westron, and more.

Japanese. A huge online Japanese/English dictionary. Search for any word, Japanese or English, and get a list of Japanese words similar to your query.

Japanese. Basic conversations. Includes romanji spelling, hirgana, and english translation. Also lists vocabulary (again in romanji, hirgana, and english) with midi pronounciations. Cool.

Japanese. Basic expressions with good pronounciations, but not in romanji.

Japanese. Short phrases and words that aren't usually included as common but may be useful in writing.

Japanese. Useful words/short phrases the Navy thinks would be useful.

Japanese. Animal names! In romanji, Kanji, english translation, and midi pronounciations.

Japanese. An easy kid's site on learning Japanese. Alos has a lot of good cultural information.

Japanese. It's Japanese Rouroni Kenshin style!

Linguanaut. Useful phrases in many different languages.

Egyptian. Terms and names... mostly names of Pharaohs and gods.

Latin. Translates English words into Latin.

Greek. I've seriously used Greek and Latin in some of my stories...

Arabic phrases. The new language of Egypt!

Arabic. A complete English to Arabic dictionary including phonetic translations.


Elvish naming naunces for making up one's own, original names.

Elvish name generator for quick elvish names.

Baby names with meanings and different origins.

Names with meanings and many different origins. Also includes petnames, surnames, and fictional names.

Japanese Surnames for some common family names.

Fantasy Names serious names of varying lengths, including options for apostrophes and heavy constanants, or silly names. Also includes specialized names, like Japanese, fantasy names starting with specific letters, and more.

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