M.E. Chapter 14: Dreams and Disappointments.

There was the loud sound of swords clashing out side, I raced to my window to see a battle unfolding. A great army of orcs were storming Rivendell!

I ran down and out the doors to get a better look at what was going on. I saw many elves fighting valiantly and hundreds of orcs lying dead. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw an orc bear down on a familiar figure. I turned just in time to see the blade come down on Stacey. Amazingly there wasn’t even any blood as her body fell to the ground.

The orcs then fell back and all of Rivendell was in an uproar. ‘Stacey’s dead?’ I thought confused, then decided this might not be such a bad thing: ‘Stacey’s dead! No more hugs, no more spiked punch!’

There was a crash of thunder and as the rain started falling I awoke in my bed. ‘Wait!’ I thought, almost crying aloud, ‘that was just a dream?’ I moaned, ‘Then Stacey’s still here and I still have to endure her tortures?’

I sighed and went back to sleep.

Several Nazgúl flew towards the palace of Elrond on their winged dragon-like creatures, screaming unpleasantly as they came. Aragorn valiantly ran out to meet them, sword drawn, "You shall not reach the ring-bearer!" he declared.

"Ring-bearer?" The Nazgúl king hissed in confusion, "Oh, him. Don’t worry it’s not him we’re here for right now."

"Oh… Okay, then what do you want?" Aragorn asked looking far more confused than valiant at the moment.

The Nazgúl saw a figure running out of the palace and flew down towards her saying, "That is who we have come to deal with this time!"

Aragorn just stood there looking stupid as they killed Stacey… Once again with no blood… Hmm, I’m starting to see a pattern. ‘Oh, well’ I thought then I realized what had passed as the Ring-wraiths were flying away back to Mordor. ‘Yeah!’ I thought, ‘Stacey’s dead for sure now!’

My rejoicing was cut short, however as I soon found myself awake in my bed again. ‘Darn.’ I thought, ‘Just another dream… Stupid dreams… All getting my hopes up like that.’

I glowered then went back to sleep.

I ran outside at a large rumbling sound and looked for the source of the sound. I soon found a strange object soaring towards us. Upon closer inspection, I found it suspiciously resembled the Guardian Force from Final Fantasy known as Ifrit. ‘Why would Ifrit come to Middle-Earth?’ I wondered to myself.

I soon found my answer as Ifrit used his attack ‘Hellfire’ to smash Stacey beneath a meteor. ‘Strange’ I thought, ‘Even Ifrit wants to kill Stacey…’ Before I was able to puzzle out why Ifrit would want to kill Stacey I awoke… Like all those other times, safe in my bed.

‘This is starting to get annoying’ I thought, ‘Couldn’t she just die once and I could stop dreaming it?’ I went back to sleep hoping not to have any more annoying dreams.

Once again I ran outside at the sound of something strange. I looked to the sky and saw that the Millennium Falcon was swooping towards Rivendell. ‘Oh cool!’ I thought, ‘I didn’t know that Star Wars took place in the same time period as the war of the ring! But then again, it did happen a long long time ago…’

The Falcon swooped towards us and passed overhead barely leaving a clearance of 5 feet above the trees. It swooped back and I could see it’s lasers were now powered up. It aimed and disintegrated a lone Stacey standing in one of the gardens of Rivendell.

I could see the elves beginning to cheer from here, they were all so happy. ‘This is really beginning to get ridiculous,’ I thought, looking at the rejoicing elves grimly. I stood there waiting to wake up.

After standing there for about another half hour, I finally gave up. ‘Maybe this wasn’t a dream after all,’ I thought, ‘I could never dream something this strange, could I?’

I started to get excited, ‘Maybe this time she really is dead and I won’t have to worry about getting hugged every time I turn around!’ Now I was really getting excited. Unfortunately, this was when I once again found myself awake in my bed.

It was starting to get light outside so I decided to give up trying to sleep and find someone I could ask to see if Stacey was dead or not. I was still confused and not sure if any of that had actually happened. After all if we were in Middle-Earth anything could happen…

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