M.E. Chapter 17: THE council

The rest of the meal went on well. Sam didnít glare at me anymore as he was still embarrassed about being yelled at by Elrond. In fact, he didnít look at me at all. Not that I noticed as I didnít look at him either (really, I didnít!). I also decided not to talk to him for at least the rest of the day.

Later that day I was talking to Stacey and Katy outside (we didnít go back inside because we had kind of gotten lostÖ again). We were having a very important conversation about how many beads are in a bean bag chair.

"Itís got to be at least a thousand." Stacey told us.

"Well, it depends on how big and full the chair is." Katy was saying.

"Yeah, mine is really flat, but Iíve seen some that are stuffed full." I offered (we were no closer to coming to a conclusion than we had been for the last hour).

Just then a man on a horse rode up. Yes, I mean a man. Boromir was finally here! I decided that he was late, and thought about telling him so but then he said, "Would you young ladies be able to point me to Elrond?"

"Heís probably hiding Gandalf." I murmured. Thanks to Elrond needing to Ďdiscussí things with Gandalf, I still hadnít gotten to hold his sword (no slash intended).

"What was that?" Boromir asked.

"Nothing." Stacey answered for me, "Heís probably speaking with Gimli or preparing for the feast tonight. His house is right ahead."

"Thank you." Boromir said politely and rode off.

"Suck up." Katy told Stacey after Boromir had rode off. Gimli had gotten here early this morning. Gloin too, but heís not really important anymore, and he wouldnít tell me about Smaug Ďcause he was busy.

"Hey, be nice Katy!" I said.

"Since when do you care about being nice?" Katy asked.

"Since Boromirís gonna die!" I told her, "Itís not like heís a mean person or anythingÖ"

They both rolled their eyes knowing that this was the beginning of a long shpeal about how Boromir was really a nice guy, and how Peter Jackson just had something against Stewards as he made their whole family seem mean. They were right of course, thatís exactly where it led.

We were talking about going to the feast that night when someone knocked on the door to my room (since that was where we were currently located). I waited for someone to answer it. No one did and when they knocked again I sighed and got up to open the door. My friends always make me do all the work *pouts* .

I opened the door to find Elrond waiting outside. Needless to say I was surprised. I hadnít realized that he makes room calls. "I came to make sure you knew all of you are invited to the feast tonight." Elrond said.

"And?" I asked when he paused.

"And to ask you if you would like dresses or something to wear." He continued hoping not to offend us, "I just want to make sure you do not feel out of place when you get there." He added.

"UmÖ" I wasnít sure what to say. I didnít especially want to offend Elrond (after all he likes me more than Sam) but I really didnít want to wear a dress. "Well, what other something did you have in mind?" I asked seeing the others werenít going to come to my aid.

"We could find you some nicer pantsÖ Ones that are not torn. I assume it is not a tradition for your women to wear *torn* pants?" Elrond told us.

"Of course not, silly." I said, he gave me a strange look, probably hadnít intended his comment to be Ďsillyí, "I think Iíll take you up on that offer." I told him, "What about you two?" I asked Katy and Stacey.

"I think Iíll take you up on the offer for nicer pants too." Katy told him.

"Iíll wear pants too." Stacey answered, "Traditions, you know."

"Okay." lord Elrond said with a smile, "Iíll have some elves bring you all some new clothes."

We called after him Ďthank youí, after all, contrary to popular belief none of us are really rudeÖ Well, maybe the other two are, but not ME.

We went to the feast and it was very boring. I almost fell asleep once, but woke back up right away when I started to fall over. It was kind of funny when the dwarves and elves were arguing. I didnít know how they expected to solve anything in a meeting. This brought a new thought to my mind, "Hey, Katy, do you want to spy on the council tomorrow?" I asked. Stacey was off bugging Legolas. Itís too bad I invited him to breakfast because now he couldnít get away from her (keeps her away from me though, heheheh. Gives her someone else to hugÖ).

"Wait, what council are we talking about?" Katy asked.

"You know THE council." I told her receiving a blank look, "The SECRET council?" More blank looks, "Elrondís secret council?" I asked in a whisper.

"OH!" Katy said, understanding dawning, "THAT council! I thought maybe you were talking about a different councilÖ Of course weíll go to THAT council."

She would probably have gone on like this for hours but I interrupted her, "So, Katy, I hear you like goats." I said, promptly starting a long conversation about why goats are cool (on Katyís part) and why goats are stupid (on my partÖ They are cause they eat cans, how stupid can you get?). This accomplished my task perfectly as we could no longer be heard talking about a secret council (that is, one weíre not supposed to know about) by Elrond.

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