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We're starting a website for the International Bible Givers at The site has a little information about this group, how you can share in their ministry, and links to useful Bible stuff on the web. The logo and images could use a little spiffing up, to be sure.

We've also working on the website for Anoka Covenant Church, Most recently the church constitution page for updates to the congregation.


I've started posting some of my favorite recipes for cooking, mostly so I don't lose them altogether.

FARE For All is a non-profit, self-supporting program designed to reward community volunteers with a free membership in something like a food buying club. For $15.00 to $20.00 (plus up to $1.00 for trucking and local expenses) you can purchase a food package filled with fresh produce and frozen meats worth $30.00 at retail. Here's some details about dates, costs, packages, etc. There's no income requirements, this is not a "food shelf," this is not a government commodity program. You are paying the full cost of the food, discounted thanks to wise shopping by FFA and the labor of many volunteers.

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Jean O'Donoghue retired from the bookseller business several years ago. Her store was sold to new owners who took on the old name, J & J O'Donoghue Books, and refocused attention on rare and collectible books. Sadly, after over 30 years in Anoka, this bookstore is closing its doors forever. I'm happy for Jean, that she can retire close to her daughter and enjoy being a grandmother; I wish the store was still here.

I've bought remaindered books from Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller for many years, and they now are on the web. I've noticed that there are many books listed on their web site which are not in the printed catalog, and other books in the catalog which are not on the web site.

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