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Chapter One The Ellusive Truck Creature.
Rachel and Katy walk far and near in search of the ellusive truck--or any transportation willing to pick them up in general. At about the same time, Aragorn and Legolas find themselves in very strange surroundings facing off against a very strange creature.

Chapter Two Uncle Aaron.
After finding someplace indoors to stay for the night, Rachel gives Aragorn and Legolas alternate egos, deciding it best not to make their companions look like raving lunatics. Katy glares a lot, Rachel knows a lot and figures out even more, and Legolas and Aragorn are just plain confused but doing their best not to look it.

Chapter Three Three Short Men.
While exploring new means of ataining money, Rachel and 'Uncle Aaron' find three strange little men who have somehow managed to work up quite a debt in the short time they've been in town.

Chapter Four An Indiscernible Amount of Time Later.
In which the Hobbits complain a lot, Legolas is corrected, Aragorn learns the American measuring system, and Gimli's a dwarf. Oh, and before I forget: Road Trip!

Chapter Five The Longest Bus Trip Ever.
*NEW* The hobbits learn a new song and wind up driving us crazy with strange choruses of "The Wheels on the Bus" while Aragorn and Legolas try to make friends with the crazy people on the side of the road. The bus reaches a peak speed of almost 20 MPH! (We're really cruising now!)

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