One of my favorite hobbies is writing fanfiction. I generally post a lot of stories on, and livejournal. To make things simple, I'll provide the links here. Feel free to read the ones that interest you.

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Naruto Fanfiction

My favorite world to explore is the manga "Naruto" by Kishimoto Masashi. The original story revolves around the life of Konoha's Number One Loud-Mouthed Ninja, twelve-year-old Uzumaki Naruto, and his friends. Most of my stories revolve around the enigmatic Hatake Kakashi, Naruto's mentor and one of the strongest Jounin in Konoha.

Sphere of Influence - General/Family - Rated T - Sequel to "A Personal Matter". In a whirlwind of events, Voldemort is wreaking havoc, Dumbledore just doesn't seem to want to take "no" as an answer, Kakashi is learning about a mysterious, ancient people known only as "Elementals", Harry is trying not to get involved, and being declared AWOL from their village is the least of their troubles. For those of you who may be worried the story ends in Konoha, rest assured that personal matters do not remain personal forever. Currently in progress, updates every three weeks.

Down the Sodden Hill - Action/Adventure - Rated T - One minute Ashley Sutter was tumbling off her bike on her way home, and the next she was waking up lost and cold in the middle of the miserable but aptly named Land of Rain. Forget about fan-girling, Ashley just hope she survives. This story follows an original character from modern-day earth who has the misfortune of being mysteriously transported into her favorite manga one day.

A New Year - General - Rated K+ - Jiraiya believes that the fortune of a new year is determined by the first day. His new year at the Academy seems to be going great until he meets a white-haired brat after class. The meeting of a young Jiraiya and Hatake Sakumo. Jiraiya is eight and Sakumo is six... because there aren't enough stories about the White Fang's childhood. Currently in progress with ocassional updates.

A Personal Matter - General/Family - Rated T - Two missions with drastic consequences. Worlds connect, destinies unravel, and nothing will ever be the same. This is a Harry Potter - Naruto crossover the likes of which you've never seen before. Set pre-series Harry Potter and Kakashi Gaiden Naruto. Takes place mostly in Fire Country with mild spoilers for both series.

Meetings of Fate - Angst/Tragedy - Rated T for violence - It was through some cruel twist of fate that they met for the first time. Sometimes he wonders if he had always been mad, or if that was where his decent to insanity began. A look of how Itachi's development could have been manipulated by Uchiha Madara. Not complient with manga chapters 390+.

The Meaning of Death - Tragedy/Angst - Rated T for death and violence - No one changes over night. It's the little things that pile up from experiences over the years. An exploration of the events in Kakashi's life that molded him into the man he is today.

The Greatest Adventures of Hatake Kakashi! - Action/Adventure/General - Rated T - It started as a straight-forward mission: catch the kidnappers that plague the town of Kusanagai. However, when a 6-year-old Kakashi's role of playing the bait to draw the kidnappers out goes horribly right things keep getting worse and worse! Conspiracies, secret techniques, and the Yellow Flash being recalled while his student is still MIA are only the tip of the iceburg!

Kakashi's Very Important Task - General - Rated K - Now that he's turned four, Kakashi can do a lot of things. After managing to convince his father that he's no longer a little child, Sakumo assigns him a very important task to complete while he's gone. Kakashi finds it to be a little more difficult than he initially thought.

Lady Killer - Humor - Rated K+ - The Yellow Flash is late for a meeting with his team. The two Genin and one Chuunin decide to go see just what their sensei is up to at Masaki's cafe.

Proof of Spirit - Humor/Friendship - Rated T for language - A ten-year-old Maito Gai has finally achieved undeniable proof of his passionate spirit. Unfortunately, the one person that he wants to know is the hardest peson to find.

Twenty Two - Action/Angst - Rated T for violence - Everyone has their own dreams, their own strengths and weaknesses, their own way of reacting when something routine becomes something worse. Misranked missions are the number one cause of shinobi angst. A Team Yellow Flash story.

Similarity - Family - Rated K - Called out of his classroom in the middle of the day, Iruka leaves his students to pursue their history assignment on their own. Things become intersting when one girl notices an uncanny similarity between the man pictured in her book and the loud, annoying blonde seated behind her. Pre-series Naruto.

Familiarity - Family - Rated K+ - Naruto learns of his parentage, but it isn't his father, a man 15 years dead, that he's interested in. Rather, it's the mother he's never known that he wants to learn about; the woman that's still alive. Can be looked at as a companion to "Similarity", but also stands by itself.

Blame - General/Humor - Rated K - When you're the Hokage, everything's your fault. Somehow. Team Yellow Flash story.

Sanctuary - Tragedy/Angst - Rated T for violence - There is no sanctuary for a shinobi during war. Team Yellow Flash story.

Paradise Patrol - Humor - Rated K+ - If you think about it, Icha Icha Paradise was entirely Pakkun's fault. Team Yellow Flash story.

Respect - General - Rated K - Obito learns that being better isn't always a good thing. Team Yellow Flash story.

Snow Day - Humor - Rated K+ - Snow is a rare thing in Fire Country... and Obito is not a girl. Team Yellow Flash story.

Important Lessons - General - Rated K+ - Not all lessons are exciting, but even the mundane are necessary. Team Yellow Flash story.

Star Wars Fanfiction

Star Wars, created by George Lucas, is a story I've enjoyed ever since I can remember, so I love to imagine different goings-on in that galaxy far, far away.

Into the Force - Action/Angst - Rated T for violence and character death - We all know that Anakin Skywalker made a lot of mistakes in his life. But what if the worst never really happened? A look at how Attack of the Clones might have ended had I written the script.

Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfiction

Fantastic and mythical creatures have always fascinated me, and YuYu Hakusho is full of them. Youkai that can control fire, cry pearls, and devour human souls. The original manga, "Yu Yu Hakusho" by Yoshihiro Togashi, revolves around a delenquint high school student, Urameshi Yusuke, who is sent back from the dead to become a "Spirit Detective" for the young lord Koenma who controls the gateway between life and death. With the help of an unusual group of friends, they protect the earth from dangerous Youkai.

Five Hundred Years - Romance/Angst - Rated K - Yu Yu Hakusho and InuYasha crossover. They told him she would be back in five hundred years, but a kitsune isn't so gullible as to believe such a fantastic story. Kagome/Kurama.

Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction

The series of Role-Playing Games by Squaresoft were an endless amusement to me during high school, and I still enjoy playing them now. The characters are engaging and the story lines are interesting, so it's only natural that I began writing about other experiences they could have had.

Biting the Bullet - General - Rated T - Final Fantasy VIII story. Lark Raven Till was your average sixteen year old fangirl. She played RPGs only to swoon over the main character (although she'd never admit it) and absolutely adored Orlando Bloom (who she claimed was way overrated). She spent hours on her computer typing up her fantasies and reading other people's and she dreamt about the next game, movie, or manga she'd be able to buy... At least, that's how she'd always been before that fateful day--the day her whole life drastically changed. She should have been thrilled, she was waking up to every fangirl's dream. But is she really happy in this video-gamer's paradise? Why would getting home be that important? Now that she had everything she ever dreamed about?

The Ten Lessons - General - Rated K+ - A Kingdom Hearts story. Sora and Kairi are turned into toddlers and Riku is left to try to keep them under control while at the same time figure out what has happened, how to change them back, and keep them alive in the meantime...

Ardent Deception - Action/General - Rated T - Final Fantasy VIII story. It's about five months since the end of the game, Squall Leonhart has been forced into the role of an international icon and out of active duty. He finally gets the opportunity to go on another mission, but what happens when things go wrong...

Lord of the Rings Fanfiction

I read the Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkien in high school, a few years before the movies came out. I enjoyed the characters and the vast world that Tolkien created. I don't write as much fanfiction for this series, but it's the first I began writing in, so it holds some nostolgic value...

ME: Middle-Earth - Humor - Rated K - A science experiment gone wrong--me and my friends are thrown into the world of Middle-earth, and are determined to make the most of it. The Third Age will never know what hit them.

ME: Part 2 - Humor - Rated K - The conclusion to ME. Two teenage girls wandering around the face of Arda, bringing mischief and chaos everywhere they step, with frequent run-ins with everone's favorite fellowship.

MN - Humor - Rated K - Our brave heroines have found their way back to reality, but they've somehow ended up in the middle of Tennessee... and that's not the least of their problems. Sequel to ME.

Harry Potter Fanfiction

I've read all of the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, for what it's worth. It's a fun idea to play with, and I especially love crossing it over with other worlds...

Through the Woods - Horror - Rated T - It's three years after Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort. Voldemort possessed Professor Quirell sometime before Harry's first year at school, but what about before that? Nyles, and eight-year-old wizard forced to live with his eccentric grandfather in the middle of a dark forest, holds the answer to some of that.

Mirror of Concinere - General - Rated T - A mirror at Bill and Fleur's wedding causes more trouble than anyone ever could have expected for the Boy-Who-Lived. This is a story I came up with one of my friends... not sure if I'll ever get it finished, but it's a start, anyway.

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